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Jarosław Staniek has got a MCS degree in software engineering at Warsaw University. Developing software is his profession since 1996, and he programs since 1987. Since 1998 Jarosław specializes in developing multi-platform software and user interfaces with the Qt framework and C++. He lives in Warsaw, Poland, with his family.

Since 2003 his technical and non-technical interests include the KDE Project, one of world's largest creator of Free Software, KDE's applications and frameworks, its commercial and voluntary adoption on Unix and non-Unix platforms. This includes Windows and mobile/embedded platforms. In 2003 he founded the KDE on Windows project which is still pretty active.

Also since 2003, Jarosław is a maintainer and core engineer of Kexi project, offering a modern visual application builder, hosted within the KDE community. Kexi is included in the Calligra Suite (until 2010 called KOffice). Along the way many related components were born such as Predicate data handling abstraction layer, which can be called a superset of ODBC.

The list of Jarosław's employers include OpenOffice Software and Samsung R&D Institute Poland.

In rare time when he does not sit at the computer, he is fond of biking, cooking and traveling.

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