Plasma and KDE Applications 4.8 on Kubuntu

Kubuntu has packages for 4.8 bringing updates to Plasma workspaces and a load of KDE Applications.

To quote a nice user posting on kde-devel

"I upgraded to Ubuntu's Precise Alpha 1 a few days ago. After the upgrade completed, I tried out KDE 4.8 RC 2. It worked great until the final release of KDE 4.8 Final. KDE 4.8 Final is even better than the RC!"

or later in the same thread

"KDE 4.8 is rocking for me too.Using the Kubuntu PPA's on Sandy Bridge system and it's just lightning fast to do anything. "


there were some issues with dependencies, namely one binary moved from [email protected] to lib*@4.8, without stating abouth the conflict in the package description.

workaround was to use dpkg -i --force-all

KDE became faster on my netbook (i'm using kubuntu low fat settings - no akonadi, no nepomuk), but there are some visual glitches in the plasma-netbook search line, and also Alt+F2 still doesn't work (last time it was working in kubuntu is in kde 4.6)

By shaforostoff at Fri, 01/27/2012 - 12:53

Would you care to explain, or point to, how to completely disable akonadi and nepomuk?

I can finally use Kmail without MySQL (using SQLite instead) in 4.8 but I'd love to get rid of akonadi altogether, even if I have to resort to using Thunderbird, again.

By Mark Constable at Fri, 01/27/2012 - 19:19