Natty Narwhal Nearly Here, On Rotation

11.04 is nearly here. If you haven't tried the beta yet you only have a week to go to make sure you catch any last beasties in this release. KDE Platform 4 is now in a pleasingly stable state so if you haven't tried Plasma or KDE Software for a while and are finding the alternatives a bit too different in their UI changes do give Kubuntu a try.

Personally, I'm looking forward to something different. I'm going on rotation from my normal position on Canonical's Desktop team working on Kubuntu over to the Bazaar team. This means a challenging six months working on something completely different. After more than 5 years working on Kubuntu I'm feeling the need to ensure I can do other things. I also want to take some distro packager skills to another team to help them integrate more. I'll be a challenge to the Kubuntu community too, continuing to make a great distro without anyone working full time on it. But they're excellent folks and I'm sure they will manage for one release without me.