Fruits of Calligra Sprint

Last week was big for Calligra:

  • March 30: The first three months of the Calligra Suite is a report showing activity in all possible areas related to Calligra, and creation of new areas like the new Braindump application, new maintainers for applications, refreshed application names, project home page, project git repositories, and finally Kexi Mobile, Calligra Mobile. More to come.

  • April 1: The first Calligra sprint started, the biggest technical event in the history of KDE Office technologies to date:

  • April 2: intensive and nicely prepared discussions in areas common to all applications: frequent releases strategy, marketing (new logos!), analyzing strategies for taking advantages of Qt-only approach for Calligra libraries (wherever applicable)[*], aligning with the new KDE libs' mobile profile initiative, reports from usability tests, new UIs[*], approaches to modern document embedding.

  • April 3: "Applications" day of the Calligra Sprint, i.e. works mostly splitted to BoFs, with presentation by Casper (Words' text layout refactoring), short presentation of light-speed developments (Kexi integration with maps using Marble widgets)[*] delivered by Radek, our newest member:

[*] more on that in future blog posts

Also the good: nice food and beer as always. Met Kexi developer Adam Pigg for the first time after all the years IRL, yay! Amazing organization led by Thorsten Zachmann, KDABians and sponsorship by KDE e.V., Nokia and KDAB. All in now very comfortable KDAB offices.

The bad: No earlier than week ago noted to fellow Calligra hackers that while my ASUS laptop is getting 6 years old, it still does the job. Then on first day of Calligra Sprint it decided to almost burn itself near the graphics controller, so I got funny random-puzzle-like screen. The only way to use it in graphics mode was to ssh -X to it from another machine ;P. Update: surprisingly enough, the laptop has AUTOREPAIRED itself... i.e. the graphics display is OK now. No idea what happened... the only think I did to it is some accidental shaking while on the train to Warsaw. Should I say "Thanks, PKP?"