Last month in Kexi

With 2010 we've started to employ identica (then connected to Twitter and Facebook) as an channel for our live changelog at the {power}user level. Here's the dump for the past ~30 days (oh I should have used an XSLT).

  • We're replacing serialized QFont attrs with ODF equivalents in Kexi Reports file format; e.g. fo:font-family; it's extension of OpenRPT
  • Finally we're still embedding SQLite as many options are not set in distros, e.g. SECURE DELETE should be the default http://bit.ly/amZfJ3
  • Kexi switched to using sqlite bundled with the operating system instead of using a fork. The newest stable version is always recommended.
  • Sidebars behave now as expected: when collapsed, vertical buttons appear like in Kate. It's now natural to put widgets palette as a sidebar.
  • An extra ko dev has taken an interest in the report backend used in kexi (koreport), working to making it usable in kplato, a win allround!
  • We have line style combo box in the Property Editor. Today high precision point type also added too. Good for accurate printouts (reports).
  • Just ported color selector for the property editor. Now we're defaulting to KDE's Oxygen palette instead of the old school VGA colors.
  • Exporting in action! http://www.piggz.co.uk/kexi/kexi-export-1.ogv
  • MS Access 2010 drops support for many formats: Paradox <=7, Lotus 1-2-3, Access 1/2. But 64-bit ver not even planned. http://bit.ly/5xZZV7
  • Is zoomable table view reasonable idea for you? http://bit.ly/8AWp6c Added as todo just yesterday for Kexi 2.6 http://bit.ly/64C4jb
  • MS discovered SVG? http://bit.ly/76lrNr Kexi just switched to svg ns for XML tags in Kexi Reports format-took 2 hours! http://bit.ly/6uD7dy
  • All the most ugly painting glitches now fixed in Kexi Table View. So time-consuming but pays-off...
  • Some rendering issues in the Table View widget fixed now. Looks like the Table View will stay Qt3-based until Kexi 2.3 - porting takes time.