openSUSE Build Service KDE:KDE4:* Repository Changes

openSUSE 11.1 will reach Goldmaster status within the next days which also means that things move around in the KDE:KDE4 Build Service repositories:

  • KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop has been already updated to the KDE 4.1.3 packages as in openSUSE 11.1. We will use this repository to collect and test future online updates. Every Fix_is_Ready:11.1 patch should be added there. Please change your repositories from KDE:KDE4:Factory to KDE:KDE4:STABLE if you want to continue using 4.1.3 before we do next step.

  • As soon as SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 has been branched from Factory (maybe in one to two weeks) we will submit the KDE 4.2 Beta packages to openSUSE:Factory and they will appear in the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repositories for older distribution releases.

  • When upstream has branched KDE 4.2 prior release (early January) and Trunk is open for 4.3 development then we will start to use KDE:KDE4:UNSTABLE again with regular KDE trunk snapshot updates.

We don't plan to have KDE 4.1.4 packages. If you know of important bug fixes/commits in 4.1 branch that should be in STABLE/cumulative KDE online update please notify us about it (bug report preferred).