AT-SPI backend for Qt-Accessibility

For the case you, dear reader, are not subscribed to the KDE-accessibility mailinglist (tststs), we received a rather interesting mail just yesterday; Project Announce: AT-SPI D-Bus

That project is done by codethink and sponsored by Nokia and Mozilla (and Novell seems to be in there somehow too). Result will be (hopefully) also that each Qt- and KDE-application will be able to access optional the same accessibility-infrastructure like e.g. GNOME is using today. For this Qt4 provides the Qt Accessibility framework and the best; no additional work at the application-level is needed (well, with some exceptions as usual).

Yay, another good day :-)

p.s. what's going on with Why does it take 6 month to provide an svn-account for that project and akonadi still waits for one since more then a year now iirc. Not enough admins or are the accounts managed using Active Directory?


If your project is not among the admin's pet peeves then do yourself a favor and avoid fd.o's hosting opportunities wherever you can. The long waiting times for VCS accounts and other infrastructure are going to hurt the contributor base for little gain. (And yes, a non-fd.o-hosted open source project can be just as successful for cross-desktop aims.)

When the Lila icon theme was still active, we left fd.o because it's just a major pain in the ass. Every other open source hosting provider out there is a better choice. Seriously.

By jakob petsovits at Tue, 11/25/2008 - 13:56