Akademy in Belgium

We have had a great couple of days talks here at Akademy in Belgium. The energy in the KDE community is brilliantly high as we move from the long KDE 4 development period into having the world beating desktop.

Favourite photos:

Wide angle lens

One of us!

Free waffles, it must be Belgium

Hard work this KDE

Bart the dictator

This is why I have a testimony against betting.

Round Robin Table Tennis

Bestest Buddies

Why Nokia, with this free Belgian beer you are really spoiling us no?

Best of all is the group photo featuring Strigi enabled screensaver Plasmoid.

Photos from Johann Lapeyre and Bart Coppens


Really nice coverage and nice group photo :) Wow! Akademy is so much of fun :)

By krishna ggk at Mon, 08/11/2008 - 12:20