Akonadi and the Google Summer of Code

Since the Akonadi related applications for GSoC so far have been mostly about interfacing with external PIM data storage systems, e.g. Google's web based apps, I'd like to a bit of advertising for two other things we'd really like to have somebody working on.

The first one is the test framework idea I added to our list (second item). True, testing and stuff related to testing are usually quite boring, but it is nevertheless necessary and would be a great help for any one working on or with Akonadi.

To not leave the fun aspect out of the equation, one idea how to implement it would be to create a pair of scriptable Akonadi Agent and Resource, e.g. through a Kross plugin, effectively making it possible to work on Akonadi managed PIM data from any language Kross has support for.

The second project I'd like to get more widespread publicity is basically a matter of extending the target audience by getting support for developers on other desktop environments or tool stacks.
The idea is to implement a GLib based Akonadi client library, i.e. an GLib equivalent to KDE's Akonadi client library libakonadi-kde.

Unless other KDE related GSoC projects this would not require C++ and Qt skills, but rather C and GLib skill.
Till Adam would be available as a mentor, though we would really also have a GLib expert as an additional co-mentor or advisor.

Any student interested in either project can contact us on the kde-pim mailinglist or on IRC channel #akonadi on the freenode network.