Kochizz Text Editor Screenshot

This is an detail screenshot of the brand-new Kochizz ("Configure My Appache2 Installation") application. See also for a fuller description in my main posting.

Things to remark:

  • I deliberately inserted a typo ("Serveros") to see how Kochizz handles that. Note how you can see it does underline the typo.
  • In the next shot you'll see that the very same typo is propelled into the GUI "Property Editor" component, but also highlighted in a different color to indicate something is wrong with it.
  • See the "#$*MinSpareServers" entry underneath the typo? That is a commented out directive. However, that comment uses a special syntax, so Kochizz can still display it in its GUI "Property Editor" component, and offer it for re-enabling (see also the next shot). In fact, I didn't use the Text Editor component to insert that comment (though I could have...), but the GUI Property Editor.
  • Note how Kochizz preserves all the other comments in their original form.

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