Kochizz Overview Screenshot

This is an overview screenshot of the brand-new Kochizz ("Configure My Appache2 Installation") application. See also for a fuller description in my main posting.

Things to remark:

  • There are currently 3 different main tabs with 3 different Apache2 configurations opened (top row of tabs).
  • Left pane shows the treeview of the full configuration. Note how you can see which directive is originating from which Include-ed sub-config file
  • Right pane shows a GUI representation ("Property Editor") of the individual directives contained in the tree leaf that is highlighted on the left. Note how you can switch to the "Text Editor" on the second tab.

There are also two shots showing more details: one showing the config editor in GUI "Property Mode", one showing the raw config text editor mode

(Click on "original" link below to see the shot in full size.)

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