An Unexpected Journey

Recently, when building qt5, I'd started noticing some very strange errors from the configure script. The errors seemed to indicate that an awk script was being used as a filename - very strange. Even stranger was that other people weren't hitting this issue - just me. Never a good sign. Today, I finally got around to debugging it and the issue was rather weird.


What's New in Qt 5 for SSL?

With the availability of the Qt 5 alpha, I thought I'd try to summarise what's been done in the SSL stack. Most of the changes in Qt 5 for SSL are incremental improvements, or things that will form the basis of future changes. In this post I'll try to highlight the main changes:

  • QSslCertificate::subjectInfo() and QSslCertificate::issuerInfo() now return a QStringList instead of a QString

    It's pretty common for a certificate to contain more than entry of a specific type, but in Qt 4 the API only let you access the first one.

  • JAN

    Q-Fridges - we're hiring!

    There are job offers floating sporadically on planetkde so I guess this one would fit too especially that there are many related technologies involved.

    You may remember my story about some crazy Qt device. Now there is apparent expansion both vertically and to other types of high-end devices, so:


    Using GnuTLS with QTcpSocket

    It's been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post, but it's not because I haven't been coding, in fact quite the opposite. The Qt opengov project is finally underway and I've been doing quite a lot of work on the various SSL classes. I'm now an official Qt approver, so as you can see the process of getting non-nokia developers the ability to commit to Qt is working.

    2011 - Stable bump and bumps

    First, I've changed the branches that are being built on to reflect the branching of 4.8.

    Second I've incorporated a build of Qt 4.8 branch that is triggered once a week to keep up with fixes there.

    Third I've tried to get a build of Qt 5 up and running also, however this is where I've hit some bumps. I've been unable to get Qt 5 to build and as such not all other jobs are working :(


    Qt SSL Update

    It's been a while since I blogged, so I thought I'd post an update on what I've been up to.

    Along with nearly a thousand other Qt developers, I headed over to Munich for the Qt Dev Days. It was my first time at the event, and I was surprised just how big it was. There were a lot of interesting talks, with highlights including Jens' talks on Qt Quick components for the desktop and using QML for rapid prototyping and Peter's talk on Secure Networking.


    Out of the loop, but not out of sight, hello PlayBook and Qt!

    Please note: This blog is personal and opinions are of my own and do not represent RIM

    I've been quiet for a while now. Lots of things going on in my life. I have not forgotten KDE, but I'm still unable to work on anything at this time (more on that in future post).

    But I'm glad to say that having Qt as part of PlayBook is awesome!
    I look forward to seeing what people will do.

    We've ported a number of projects to QNX for the PlayBook and can be found here: BlackBerry GitHub


    Don't browse, search

    "Don't browse, search" is already well known demand and it changes the way people expect to use your app.

    Recently I needed to finalize first incarnation of my Global Search feature in Kexi. Being late by two days after Calligra beta 3 tagging, I made it fully working only for RC1 now. But it's here.

    What I needed is line edit with completion. You'd say KDE has KCompletion. Well, it could be improved e.g. in areas like model/view support.


    Porting Windows Phone to Qt

    Since so far I missed any blog on our beloved planet pointing to this interesting resource I do it myself now;

    Porting Windows Phone to Qt

    A rather cute way to escape your Windows Phone lock in :-)


    Buffered Buffer

    Short personal notice: I am currently in Cologne for a business trip lasting two weeks so I am staying over the weekend. If any KDE people around Cologne want to go for a beer until next Thursday, let me know :)

    So, back to the subject. This blog entry is about a rather weird behavior of QBuffer I've debugged recently.

    Some friends of mine were seeing a weird problem with some of their code using Qt4 that had previously worked in Qt3.
    They broke it down to this minimal test case: