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KDE 5 Menu

Note in bold: no official plans here, however many continuously maintained software projects start with N+1 version development long before N version is discontinued. So yes, I really think the current works at UX level are "the" KDE 5 development.

Transition to KDE 5, whatever it means, is a process not just one atomic step. Today a follow up of the previous entry about fruits of the Calligra Sprint: Modern "File" menu merged with start-up view.

The need

The ideas were much older but it all started to take shape in January 2011. First, some analysis and mockups born.


Calligra Sprint 2011 in Berlin, day 2

After day 0 on friday which I missed and day 1 on saturday where I joined the Calligra 2011 sprint in Berlin in the evening after a longer journay the last day of the sprint, day 2, is coming to and end.


Calligra Sprint 2011 in Berlin

This weekend there will be the Calligra spring 2011 in Berlin in KDAB's office in berlin where I usually work and play kicker and table tennis all of the week. The irony is that I very likely will not make it to the sprint. I was visiting some friends in Koh Tao and I am now caught in a heavy storm in Koh Samui since more then a week now. My fly was canceled and the airport was closed, my visa was running out and cash problems raised up.


Kexi: Qt Ambassador

Thanks for the opportunity of presenting Kexi as the official Qt Ambassador Project! Since 2002 it benefits from the solid foundation of Qt (and KDE of course)!


Kexi in Q4 2010

Short story: In the last day of 2011 Kexi reached the 2.3 release as the other KOffice applications. Versions 2.4 and newer will be developed distributed within the Calligra suite, meaning it stays within the team formed by the same awesome, welcoming community. What changed? Calligra widens the scope of the activities to two main things: offering components for 3rd-party developers and enabling deep customizations of the code base, so new applications can be developed. Desktop versions, as before, are the main incarnations of the Calligra applications.

This process has started spontaneously long ago and Kexi is a part of it too. One thing is Kexi Mobile subproject, already active within Kexi as you can see below. Another is the high-level database handling library Predicate, successor of KexiDB. Predicate found its way into KDE Playground's git as Qt-only component with wider scope than QtSQL (e.g. you can also define/create databases). Because of the origins of the Predicate project, I will usually write about it in the same blog entries that are devoted to Kexi.

Kexi in August & September

Kexi moves towards the new 2.3 release within the KOffice family.


Elegance #4: tab bar uncluttered

In previous "elegance" entries I presented just ideas, without implementation. Readers obsessed in the area of look&feel may remember the proposal for uncluttering tab widget when used in side pane.

Any specific fix would be just for Oxygen style, so it is still unclear if starting to code this makes much sense. But. As a low-hanging fruit today I called this code on my tab widget of Kexi side pane:


Stability update for Kexi 2.2.2

It is not clear if there will be another update within KOffice (2.2.3) released in 2.2 series, so for convenience of distributors, following recommended patch fixes stability recently identified issue in the default Kexi database engine:


I use the blog entry because a 5 or more reports have been filed for the same bug. Thanks for each of them.

You'll find MS Access fix as a bonus too.



This week I noticed: I am part of Kexi/KOffice Development Team for 65535 hours now. With fine breaks of course.

It's possible to check at the bottom of this file.

64k should be enough for everyone. But not for me :)

PS: 2.3b1 released!


Kexi in June & July

  • KOffice Developer Meeting (pictures).
  • Akademy time! One Kexi dev was available for hugs^wdiscussion; chatted a bit with the ownCloud hackers about exposing Kexi databases though it, KDevelop guys about injecting Kexi database plugin in a form of KDevelop's "Database view" and mobile guys about possible options for Kexi Mobile.