KOffice Database Application


Fruits of CSS2: Shared Themes

(this is a continuation of the Fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 series)

You don't need to become a seasoned web developer to know the value of styling documents with the CSS. This Sunday the technology turns 15 since its initial release.


Fruits of CSS2: Eating Our Own Dog Food

It may seem obvious but eating our own dog food can definitely be good for your project's condition. Especially when it is maturing over time. How many testers can we have and how many personas for your user-centered design can we define and maintain? Usually just a few with the actual resources. Is only fulfilling needs of more or less fictional actors focusing on few use cases a good direction? Or does it put our vigilance to sleep?


Fruits of CSS2: Kexi for KDE Contributors

Over the years, most if not all my presentations on Kexi were aimed at users or power users. When preparing for the Calligra Sprint I thought it would make sense to approach the Calligra contributors with a small update on what are goals and ideas embedded in this specific office application. I hope you, the KDE contributors, would benefit a bit too.


11 steps remaining till Calligra 2.4

As Andreas note we are rather close towards Calligra 2.4 which will be the very first release of the Calligra Suite.

Our pretty cool Calligra Quality Dashboard lists 11 remaining release-critical blocker bugs that still need to be fixed till then.


Don't browse, search

"Don't browse, search" is already well known demand and it changes the way people expect to use your app.

Recently I needed to finalize first incarnation of my Global Search feature in Kexi. Being late by two days after Calligra beta 3 tagging, I made it fully working only for RC1 now. But it's here.

What I needed is line edit with completion. You'd say KDE has KCompletion. Well, it could be improved e.g. in areas like model/view support.



In addition to usual chatting about whether and how is Kexi utilised under KDE I would like to hear about others, what in the context of the Desktop Summit means GNOME users.


Season of KDE: Kexi Web Widget

Kexi Web Browser Widget is a form element that lets the user to put full-featured web browser's box onto the Kexi Form surface using single drag and drop and then load the address from the database. The challenge has been accepted by Shreya Pandit within the Season of KDE program for the Calligra project.


Future of Kexi Table View

As a follow up of his promising Qt Quick Components for Desktop post, Jens shares with us results of his Qt Quick flavour of the QTableView class. This motivated me to think what would be most future-proof if not the best way of finally porting the old Qt3Support-based KexiTableView class which with all related classes builds up data/database-aware library utilized by Kexi for presenting tabular data in various contexts.


MS Access Visual Basic support in Kexi

MS Access Visual Basic support in Kexi. Short story: there's no support.

The reasoning, from the economical to the technical aspect is provided on the KDE Forum.

Or maybe there is some tiny support.

If you look closer, those that in the ancient days called themselves VB/VBA developers can find quite a few similar concepts in Kexi, regarding the object model and the way how the scripting language works. So switching to a new tool does not mean dropping all the knowledge and proper habits.


Kexi GSoC & SoK

Expect more entries from the front of Kexi integration with maps using Marble widgets since this task has been selected for the Google Summer of Code 2011! Radek Wicik, who just recently joined the Calligra team works on this project. His early attempts have been demonstrated in April during the Calligra Sprint. And he shares his progress info on dedicated blog.