Calligra Words and the road to release

The Calligra Suite recently released the 7th beta, and mostly because Calligra Words is still not ready. Building a new application from scratch takes time.

Until around October the focus was on writing a new text layout system that could provide the rich text support that any user demands these days. We were not able to reuse the code from KOffice as it was simply not up to the job. So this took a lot of effort.


Calligra Words is not a fork of KWord

Pretty often I hear people say that Calligra Words is a fork of KWord. As a maintainer I tell you this not true. Sure we have ripped about 20% of the code from KWord but even that has been dismantled and reassemble in a new way.

That doesn't constitute a fork. Calligra Words is effectively a new word processor. We have more in common with Stage than we do with KWord. We even started the development of Words by disabling what was KWord, and then we built Words by slowly adding functionality .


Don't Forget to Resolve Your Own Bugs

A gentle reminder: please occassionally check back on bugs you've reported and resolve them if they have been fixed in recent versions.

Sometimes we developers fix bugs but forget to resolve them ourselves; sometimes bugs are fixed by newer versions of other software we depend on; sometimes bugs are fixed as consequences of other fixes.

So help us out and resolve your own bugs when possible.



Calligra Words junior jobs

I often get asked about junior jobs in Calligra Words. I ususally say no, but now I actually have some.

The reason I say no is that there are no easy jobs left, and so jobs would take much more of my time than I would like. And I also don't want to purposely leave unfinished stuff behind.

Anyway here is a brief synopsis of the junior job: We have code that applies bold, italic etc, and it works, except it doesn't respect table cell protection. The job consists of repeating an example I've already made to the application of bold, italic and several other similar things.


Looking for a student job in an Open Source project in Germany ?

You are a student, you would like to contribute to an Open Source project, and get paid for it ?

Then I may have something for you.
At my job at Fraunhofer in Kaiserslautern we are using the CDash testing server for testing the software we develop - various different High Performance applications for Linux clusters.


Calligra Words style selection combo

Since Monday, a feature I have been working on for quite a while has been merged into Calligra master. This is the style selection combo box.
Until Monday, the style selection widget was a home brewed widget based on QFrame. It wasn't optimal and that is a British understatement. Now this widget is still home brewed, but based on a QComboBox.


jhk where are you

Have anyone seen user jhk or know what his real name or email is

If so then please leave a note either here or on irc #calligra

He has started some work on Calligra Words that I'm really interested in and I havn't seen him since middle of december.


Calligra on Android

As most of you are probably well aware, since quite a while it is not very hard to write Qt applications to run on Android devices. A couple of weeks ago we at KO GmbH decided to look into how hard it would be to get KDE applications to run, and more specifically, if it would be possible to run Calligra with one of its mobile UI's on an android device.


Fruits of CSS2: Office Forms

(this is a continuation of the Fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 series)

2012 started and I am still summarizing ideas from the Sprint. Today an integration idea: Office Forms for Calligra apps.

Forms are useful for improving data entry. Alternatives like entering data into spreadsheet cells can be too error-prone or tedious for the end-users. Forms reuse the GUI paradigm that is most probably already known and accepted by the user.


build.kde.org - Stable bump and bumps

First, I've changed the branches that are being built on build.kde.org to reflect the branching of 4.8.

Second I've incorporated a build of Qt 4.8 branch that is triggered once a week to keep up with fixes there.

Third I've tried to get a build of Qt 5 up and running also, however this is where I've hit some bumps. I've been unable to get Qt 5 to build and as such not all other jobs are working :(