Coffice - Calligra on Android available now


Coffice (Calligra Office or coffee-in-office) is a new project that tries to make Calligra available on mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry 10, Jolla SailfishOS and Ubuntu Phone.


Awesome License

Good news. The Font Awesome project's founder responded at speed of light to my request and now he plans to release the icon set under the LGPL within a month or so, making the icons as accessible for reuse as the default Oxygen set.

After that the "only" remaining matters would be adaptation to KDE and artistic vision. Here's a mockup of how KWrite's look could be transformed. Original:

To make it play more right I also reworked the Oxygen style quite a bit. Nearly no gradients or shines, post-Vista aesthetics inspired by web and mobile UIs where contrast is king. "Awesome" style:

Last week fri13 commented: "Monochrome icons are terrible from usability standpoint. They don't offer at all same information as colorful skeuomophisim icons."

Whoa about the colorizing the icons to give benefits of color coding?


KArchive standalone release for Qt4

Due to popular request during my KDE Frameworks 5 presentation, in other words "where can I get KArchive today?", which is also a long-standing request from many developers of Qt applications, I experimented with making a Qt4-based release of the KArchive framework.

The Qt5-based karchive will be a lot thinner, thanks to much of the necessary functionality going into Qt5 (mimetypes, standard paths, safe saving...). For now, the Qt4 package has to come with all that stuff built in.

Here it is:


New icon theme for KDE: Awesome

Font Awesome is an iconic font designed for web UIs. It's a full open source suite of pictographic icons available with examples and documentation.

During the QML network lecture at QtDD, Jeremy Lainé has noted that icons based on Fonts Awesome are useful for optimizing network usage, especially ones with high latency. While I have never used them I knew the technique which seems to be quite popular among web developers.

So I came to related idea. How about adaptation of the Font Awesome icons for KDE? Obviously number of icons expected by KDE themes is much larger, but there's a way to start. It would be awesome (!) if someone implements that to show power of QIconEngine...

Of course the adaptation would only be semi-automatic because mapping is needed between Font Awesome naming and naming.


A trip down memory lane

I was digging through some old backups on Friday looking to see if I had any old versions of the Qt source code lying around after Eirik mentioned during his devdays talk that the release tar balls for lots of the early releases including Qt 1.0 had got lost... I didn't find those, but I found some gems I didn't know I had.

First, there's a presentation on the KDE internals I don't know where I gave, I suspect it was at MANLUG (the Manchester Linux User Group).


Updating a git checkout - finally as easy as with svn

git: very powerful, not easy to use for simple tasks.
Especially when coming from svn, where updating a local checkout was simply "svn up", and with git it's "git pull --rebase, and if that fails, stash, pull --rebase, stash pop".

Finally, all this can be automated, so that one can simply keep the good old habits from svn and type "git up"!

Here's the recipe. In your ~/.gitconfig, write
up = !gitup

Then download the script and put it in your $PATH.
(Should have done that years ago...)


Exciting times, past and ahead

The past part
So many interesting things have happened since my last blog post that the list below is probably missing a lot of stuff.


Akademy Award winner Calligra Words

It was with great joy I received the Akademy award for Calligra Words today. The acknowledgement is much appreciated, and is for sure a great motivator.


Akademy 2012 Tallinn beer survey

I can't say I done a lot in the past year with advancing KDE bindings, but I'm hoping to reboot my efforts here in Tallinn. An important part of getting enthusiastic about KDE again is meeting the people, and of course drinking the right beer whilest doing so. I arrived in Tallinn yesterday and so far I think it is a great venue with excellent beer and food available at reasonable prices. Maybe it isn't the most perfect place for vegetarians, but I don't think that should be a show stopper. I thought I should try and summarise my findings so far.


Change tracking usecases

In Calligra 2.4 we disabled change tracking because it didn't have the quality we felt comfortable releasing.

Now I ask you dear users to share your requirements for the ultimate change tracking systemt. But also describe how you have been using change tracking in the past (in any application) and what was good and bad, what you felt missing, etc.

I'd like personal accounts and anything you share should be free from interlectual property claims.

Go to the forum post that I have also made.