San Francisco Bay Area KDE birthday party

Since several KDE folks were in town for the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit they decided to come visit us as kind of an impromptu KDE 20th birthday party, and to meet KDE's newest/youngest disciple. She might still be a bit young to write code, but we'll see how long it'll take to change that. One of the reasons neither me nor blauzahl have been very active in KDE lately...


I'm going to Bilbao

I'm going to Bilbao... well not quite to the whole Akademy but mainly to the QtCS. Looking at my calendar I conclude even getting these two days is a success. I'll try to show up @ Akademy too and say hello to you friends and chat a bit.


Fruits of CSS2

No, this is not HTML5 topic, I mean fruits of Calligra Suite Sprint #2 ;)

My plan is to post series of logs from the Calligra Sprint on the following days. Each covering one topic. Today about branding.

The story started when our logo has been delivered by our (KDE's) designer Eugene Trounev. I have looked over his shoulder not once on various occasions and I know his attention to detail.


Calligra Words mini-sprint day #2

Today is the second and last day of the Calligra Words mini-sprint. After spending yesterdays first day on planing and implementation of decisions made we spent today on solving all kind of problems that showed up since then.

In particular today we land;
* Fix wrong placement of anchored object if the object is anchored in a paragraph that spans two pages, and the anchor is in the part of the paragraph that is on the first page.
* Be sure to only try position an anchor once per layout-run.
* Implement anchor stacking.


Desktop Summit 2011

A slight delay of my flight from Düsseldorf to Graz gives me time to recap the awesome time at the Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin.

Having been part of the programme committee I was looking forward to see at least a small subset of the talks live, though I hope I will have the opportunity to see many more once the videos have been processed and are available online.

Selecting talks hadn't been easy, both because of the huge amount of proposals we've received and because deciding on suitable topics for such a wide range of attendees is no piece of cake either.


[email protected]

In addition to usual chatting about whether and how is Kexi utilised under KDE I would like to hear about others, what in the context of the Desktop Summit means GNOME users.


I'm going too !!

Another year, my first Desktop Summit, plenty of things to do, gstreamer training, help organization, even be a referee in a geek football match.
Crazy days ahead.
Leaving sunny Florianópolis right now !!


Randa Review: the buildsystem

I'm back now (since two weeks already) from the KDE Platform sprint in Randa and I have to say it was great.

Randa is located very nice in the Swiss mountains, next to Matterhorn, and very well suited not only for KDE sprints, but also for cycling (I had my bike with me there) :-)


Tokamak 5: The Pancake Sprint

Flat things are good. I'm at Tokamak 5 in Nijmegen, the KDE sprint where we plough a deep furrow into the future of the Free Desktop and sow KDE seeds that will grow into exciting, novel interfaces and make the stuff we already have even faster and more reliable.


KDE 5 Menu

Note in bold: no official plans here, however many continuously maintained software projects start with N+1 version development long before N version is discontinued. So yes, I really think the current works at UX level are "the" KDE 5 development.

Transition to KDE 5, whatever it means, is a process not just one atomic step. Today a follow up of the previous entry about fruits of the Calligra Sprint: Modern "File" menu merged with start-up view.

The need

The ideas were much older but it all started to take shape in January 2011. First, some analysis and mockups born.