Which logo shall be used for

<a href="">Sebastian's logo</a>
25% (865 votes)
<a href="">Olaf's logo</a>
13% (433 votes)
<a href="">Luciash's logo</a>
18% (605 votes)
<a href="">Ralfs's logo with Ralf's icons</a>
19% (647 votes)
<a href="">Sebastian's logo with Ralf's icons</a>
8% (280 votes)
<a href="">Olaf's logo with Ralf's icons</a>
6% (189 votes)
<a href="">Luciash's logo with Ralf's icons</a>
12% (399 votes)
Total votes: 3418


The poll is open for two weeks. You can test the logos by clicking onto the names.

There will also be a vote on the colour style afterwards, and since every site visitor can choose his and her prefered colour style in the settings, please test the logos with different colour styles before voting.

By ojschmidt at Sun, 09/28/2003 - 08:25

maby supply a link or a node with all the logos?

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Sun, 09/28/2003 - 16:54

I hope that the logo will be integrated on the website no matter if Olaf's other submissions are not choosen. I just love it, same for the accessibility one. Great great work, Olaf, thanks a lot and thanks to all the artists for their submissions.

By annma at Mon, 09/29/2003 - 02:08

I think all sub-site logos should be in the same style - that was the idea behind this competition, to have logo available with source.

But I will make new logos for and, using both katie/the trio and the background of the new logo.


By ojschmidt at Tue, 09/30/2003 - 08:31

Thanks, Olaf, that's really nice. It gives a personnal touch having Katie/the trio.

By annma at Tue, 09/30/2003 - 16:03