Which database driver would you like to have available from KexiDB?

Lightweight rocks! - SQLite
7% (9 votes)
40% (55 votes)
29% (40 votes)
9% (13 votes)
7% (10 votes)
ODBC to get more
4% (6 votes)
Other (which?)
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 137


Strange poll. As far as I know KexiDB is supposed to support all of those (well, most). MySQL is there, adn SQLite is on the way too.

The idea of KexiDB is to be a common interface to all those (I think). So...

By uga at Wed, 09/24/2003 - 22:49

.. after appending "first" word to the question? The pool is just to check which db engine/interface is favourite among KDE devs. Each engine has its dedicated usage, and each engine's driver would have its specific features like better (or not) concurency, transactions, and, at the end: better (or not) implementation. Just this.

By Jarosław Staniek at Thu, 09/25/2003 - 07:34

The biggest issue with Kexi is it really misses the point of QtSQL. QtSQL is a clean interface to deal with "client" activiites of SQL access. We dont need some wacky kitchen sink system. Anyone who has spend a few hours mucking with ADO or other DB stuff under microsoft, or even things like PHP knows that the key thing you need is a fast and clear way to perform queries and return result sets.

Now as a DB management tool Kexi may be cool, but as an MS Access ripoff its poor. IMHO we need to concentrait on getting better support for QtSQL, and just include a better filessytem driver. Ive been using the xbase one for a while and like it, but im sure including a few would be nice.

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Thu, 09/25/2003 - 13:26

>QtSQL is a clean interface to deal with “client

By uga at Thu, 09/25/2003 - 20:26

who has done db apps for 5 years its very complete. you have to realise that in the real world databases are managed by admins and maintained by someone else. apps rarely do anything more complex than add or drop a table. maby for someone who dosent want to write a file parser QtSQL is inconvenent, but then again so is doing many other things ;)

as for small databases, i used XBase as a local file database with QtSQL, and we also have 2 others on freshmeat alone. Ive had no problems but then again, i do tend to know when you use a database and when you actually design a file parser.

but as for Kexi, it looks like a neat DB admin thing, but i really think we need someone who has done Database applications to influence the design more.

personally id love the people who did the PHP Postgres interface to give them a lesson, granted then they would have QtSQL ;)

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Fri, 09/26/2003 - 02:39

That's the one I'm interested in and I was supposed to write a driver for it, God knows when. In fact I don't even think he knows when... Yeah, just double checked on that - he doesn't have a clue.
I just keep having less and less time though.

By zack rusin at Thu, 09/25/2003 - 21:18