What splash should KDevelop3 ship with?

<a href=http://www.kdevelop.org/graphics/splash/splash3_0.jpg>Marion's</a>
14% (59 votes)
<a href=http://www.kdevelop.org/graphics/splash/kdevelop3-NEWsplash.png>Ramon's</a>
74% (314 votes)
<a href=http://w1.463.telia.com/~u46310527/splash/kdev4b.png>Cies' (altered) #1</a>
7% (28 votes)
<a href=http://w1.463.telia.com/~u46310527/splash/kdev4e.png>Cies' (altered) #2</a>
6% (26 votes)
Total votes: 427


Note that there is a black bar below the splash during load. This affects the impression somewhat.

Also, no change is promised.. I just went ahead and created this poll for fun. :)

By Jens Dagerbo at Fri, 01/09/2004 - 02:03

These splash screens, and ones on many other programmes contain text, is there a way to translate them or do non-English speaking users have to put up with a bit of English?

By Jonathan Riddell at Sun, 01/11/2004 - 01:11