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I backup


I run a nice rsync-based script every day (cron) to copy all changed files to a new dated directory on another harddrive, and hardlinking the unchanged ones (using the --link-dest option). Every few months I write the backups to a cd.

By Wilbert Berendsen at Sat, 02/12/2005 - 17:26

I backup all essential files daily. I have redundant backups. I'd hate to lose my work: it takes a lot of effort, being very ill/disabled.

from Clytie

Clytie Siddall -- Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia (Nam Úc)

By Clytie Siddall at Tue, 05/17/2005 - 04:26

But I'm old and sh*t happened to me enough to learn me this lesson.

By Cristian Tibirna at Fri, 06/17/2005 - 08:15