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How big is your ~/.kde directory?


The reason why I started this poll was to draw some attention to the files that are created/placed inside of ./kde that can grow and grow.

Some applications don't use the global KDE cache directory (, but rather use their own appdir locate (.kde/share/apps). This makes cleaning ./kde difficult for backups etc.

When browsing around in .kde/share/config it will probably be easy to tell what apps use KConfigXT and what ones don't simply by the size difference. When you open an application that uses KConfigXT without doing anything in theory it shouldn't make any files. (If it has the window size see my post on how to fix it)

I noticed that in .kde/share/apps it makes a full copy of the xml file if you edit the toolbars, is there a way to make a partial copy and have some sort of merge?

On a clean system (no .kde dir) on the first login kconf_update will create all the files that are being "updated" even if they don't exist. It might be a nice feature to chagne it to not update if the file doesn't exist.

My Konqueror Cookies file was 300K. It would be cool if there was a small 16x16 button on the bottom of konq that I can click to enable/disable cookie storing. That way I can have it off by default and as a user very easily turn it on for perticular sites. Could this be easily done? Also I noticed that the cookie file uses a lot of spaces where it might be able to use tabs (wild stab here, havn't looked into it at all)?

What other things can be done to reduce the bloat of ./kde?

By IceFox at Sun, 08/29/2004 - 01:33

Perhaps they can't use the global KDE cache directory because the user doesn't have permissions to write to it?

While I agree the process could probably be better, to me, this is just a complete waste of effort when there are 7000+ bugs and 6200+ wishes that are open on Rather than worrying about the "bloat" of a 300MB .kde directory, perhaps you should take up a few of the other more serious bugs instead? Disk space is cheap and my approx. 100MB .kde dir is less than 0.01% of my total drive capacity and less than 1% of the 13GB that's currently being used on my 120GB HD. Even if you had 20GB of hard drive space, a 300MB .kde dir is still pretty small compared to the amount of hard drive space that other things could be using.

By mattr at Thu, 09/02/2004 - 11:54

First, I don't think having XGig in your hdd means it's ok to spend X-1 in your program just because you can. Else, why bother reducing ram? It's getting cheaper and cheaper.

"100MB .kde dir is less than 0.01% of my total drive capacity"

Good excuse. As everyone in this world got 1000 GIG (!!!) harddrive like you do (maybe your kcalc is wrong?)

"less than 1% of the 13GB (...)"

if all my desktop proggies installed in linux got that much space, I'd really run into trouble with my harddrive

By uga at Sat, 09/04/2004 - 18:10

uga, you and ber both missed the point of my rant. The point was not that diskspace was cheap and that you shouldn't care about having a big .kde dir, because for a lot of people it is an issue. The point was that this is not nearly as important as making a dent in fixing the nearly 7500 bugs and 7000 wishlist items that are floating around in bugzilla (many of which might already be fixed, but nobody's taken the time to test them). I hope you agree.

By mattr at Mon, 09/13/2004 - 15:48

For me the issue is not so much diskspace, but backups. when you use KDE this is one the most important directories to backup.
If you have 100+ users in an organisation, each having over 100 MB that would mean a huge dayly backup, only for these directories.

Or if you are a personal user, like me, that backs up over a network, bandwith might become short, simply because of all sorts of silly thumbnails, or obsolete files in that directory.

So i will give you a break, but please be aware that not everyone is in the position to say that 100MiB is for free.

By ber [email protected] at Tue, 09/07/2004 - 09:35

I second this opinion.
Why I backup my account, I don't want to backup thumbnails, konqueror cache, etc...

By maxime at Mon, 09/27/2004 - 05:20

mine is 32 mb... quite big?!?!?

By superstoned at Sun, 08/29/2004 - 08:31

I don't know if that's big or what, but my .kde dir takes about 288MBs and I think that's pretty big one...

By tpr at Mon, 08/30/2004 - 13:31

If you go into your .kde directory and run:
du -cks * |sort -rn |head -11

This will give you a list of the largest directories

Then to drill down some more running the following, with a quick scan you should be able to see what directories are very large (multi-MB).
du -h ~/.kde

By IceFox at Sun, 08/29/2004 - 15:53

My ~/.kde/share/thumbnails dir is 24Mb on it's own. Is there any way to control this? I searched through the Control Center to no avail.

By spookylukey at Wed, 09/01/2004 - 21:23