Continiuous Integration server for KDE(PIM)

I'm experimenting with providing a CI (continuous integration) server for KDEPIM.

For a while I've been running a cronjob that triggers a cmake script. This script then polls the repositories for 24 hours and every time a change was detected a build was performed. The results from this was feed to http://my.cdash.org (kdepim, kdepimlibs and kdepim-runtime).

As I lacked some features I'm now trying Jenkins (http://jenkins-ci.org). This allows build information to be published to one or more IRC channels as well as sending mails. The plan is to enable the mail alerts as soon as I feel that the setup is stable.

For now the server can be found at http://kde-ci.nyblom.org


It's also possible to add other means for notification. Please have a good look at al the possibilities you can add to Jenkins by adding plugins. Very impressive.

By Ruurd Pels at Thu, 07/28/2011 - 22:08

Torgny, let's talk about running Jenkins on the EBN machine. In fact, there is new hardware available for the EBN machine so maybe we could transition to that new machine.

I wonder if we can merge the current EBN reporting into Jenkins somehow.

By awinterz at Fri, 07/29/2011 - 13:59