Release Party, Graz, Austria

Harald has asked me to organize a KDE release party here in Graz.

However, I am too lazy (wait! busy! sorry for my English, busy is the word I was looking for) to do that there won't be a dedicated event to celebrate KDE's newest achievement.

Fortunately the release date, August 4th, is a Wednesday or more precisely the first Wednesday of the month.
And on such rare occasions (happens only twelve times a year) Free Software users from Graz and areas close by gather at a nice Italian restaurant to have Pizza, Beer (some even have Cappuchino and Tiramis├╣) and talk about stuff that comes to their minds.

For the German native speakers among you, we call this "LUGG Stammtisch" :)
(as in Linux User Group Graz, Stammtisch should be self-explanatory)

So if you think you can stand yet another pizza or fancy having some beer with awesome people, including at least one well know KDE developer ;), join us at Cosa Nostra, Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10.

Beginning at 20:00, until we are thrown out (gah! until we are politely asked to leave) :D

See you there!


Great! I added it to the wiki page.
Please check and fix if necessary.

By ungethym at Wed, 08/04/2010 - 07:33