Dear Lazyweb,

speaking of logos, and while I'm in 1:N communication mode and have your kind attention, large and lovely N that you are: we're in need of a vector version of the current Kontact logo, for purposes of blowing it up indecently in size for use in a poster or two (for Linuxtag). If you, dear k \in N, happen to be in possession of such, or happen to know j \not\in N, but the creator of said artwork, or happen to be j \in N, said creator, yourself, please get in contact with me at your earliest convenience for the overall furtherance of the ascent of the K (assuming |K| > |N| without loss of generality).


Let H be the set of Humans. Let M \subseteq H be the set of people with strong knowledge in Mathematics. Let M^\prime be the set of Mathematicians. Assume M^\prime \subseteq M. ;-) Let I be me.

As I \in M^\prime, I \in M and thus I understand what you wrote above, but I'm afraid N is likely to have a nonempty intersection with H \setminus M, thus you should not assume that \forall p \in N p understands what you wrote and therefore you would be better off repeating what you just said in plain English to reach your target audience. ;-)

Oh, and I also suspect that \exists p \in N with p not familiar with {\LaTeX} notation. ;-)

By Kevin Kofler at Fri, 04/25/2008 - 22:33

Sir, you have out-geeked me. :)

By Till Adam at Sat, 04/26/2008 - 17:48