openSUSE's KDE 4.0.3 Packages

KDE 4.0.3 is out and openSUSE packages are available at the usual place as is a new "KDE Four Live" CD.

Just want to note that these packages are less pure KDE 4.0.3 with every day we near the openSUSE 11.0 feature freeze. Last week-end I started a "Plasma 4.0 openSUSE" work branch in KDE SVN to combine our local patches, upstream backports and own features. The goal is to ship a KDE4 desktop which has not less functionality than a GNOME desktop ;-) - means eg adding / removing of panels, a simple way of being able to move plasmoids on panels and the theme selector are in there. You can find this stuff already merged into our KDE 4.0.3 packages. Some outstanding tasks are using the Kickoff look of trunk and dealing with the desktop icon issue. Currently there are of course also some glitches to chase down during the bug fixing months until the final release.

If everything turns out fine in the remaining time until the feature freeze we will have a KDE4 desktop without any by default running KDE3 application. That includes update notification applet, kpowersave, front-end for NetworkManager 0.7 and if you like Kerry. And as you are maybe already aware: YaST (installation, system configuration, live installer), package selector and X configuration tool are already using a Qt4-frontend respectively are ported to Qt4. :-)


Hi. What happened to "KDEPIM 4.1 on KDE 4.0"? http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/UNSTABLE:/KDEPIM4.1onKDE4.0/ is now empty which IMHO kinda sucks. Is there any chance that we can use that branch again under openSUSE 10.3 until 11.0 is out?

By kamikazow at Fri, 04/04/2008 - 00:39

Read opensuse-kde. There was no succeeding build with the latest snapshot yet though.

By at Fri, 04/04/2008 - 02:43

Thanks for the info. I was browsing through the repos and didn't find KDEPIM. As long as the 4.1on4.0 branch is not abandoned, I don't care in which folder it is.
Keep up the good work with openSUSE.

By kamikazow at Fri, 04/04/2008 - 09:52

isn't it dangerous what you guys are doing? I mean, the backporting introduces a lot of issues, and KDE 4.0 isn't void of those by itself anyway. And all the backporting & bughunting takes a lot of resources as well... I would delay the release by one or two months and ship KDE 4.1, that would be much better for the customers.

By superstoned at Fri, 04/04/2008 - 20:59

Delaying is no available option. And from the options to either ship a stabilized release plus some backports or Alpha code for the whole desktop, which would you consider less dangerous?

Oh, there is of course a riskless option: only ship KDE 3.5.9 and not both versions. But do you really want that? :-)

By at Fri, 04/04/2008 - 22:16

Can't just the Dolphin KPart be embedded into the Plasma desktop?

By kamikazow at Sun, 04/06/2008 - 00:33