Update - GSoC application period extended, another project idea

Google have extended the Summer of Code 2008 student application deadline until April 7 so if you were busy last week or concerned your application wasn't good enough, now's your chance to get it in.

And I took the opportunity this morning to add an idea that we could really use on the Free desktop - a way to sync wallet secrets between different computers, and maybe between KDE and other secure stores like GNOME keyring and the Mozilla password manager. If you think you're hard enough, please apply. It's a non-GUI job, and involves getting your hands dirty with various APIs and solving some tricky problems - just the kind of skills needed to make yourself useful as a professional Linux hacker.


hmm. unison was usually enough for me - I just had to be careful not to enter new passwords on two different computers without sync'ing inbetween.

it'd be nice to see a general settings sync solution that could handle stuff being altered on two machines at once, though. programs like kontact's calendar have this frustrating tendency to save widget sizing info along with other important data, which causes trouble when you want to sync the settings file between two computers with different resolutions.
...I really should have told the actual developers about this before 4.0 was released, I guess.

By chani at Thu, 04/03/2008 - 00:41