Konqueror and the router

After our previous router died after a lightning strike, we got a new one. Since that new one was active, though, I had the strangest experience: when my KDE session reloaded my Konquerors, it would often claim the hosts did not exist. That's quite a big WTF, I'd say. For some reason, all DNS requests stopped working over UDP for a small while. (Manually dig'ing with +tcp worked.) Which is pretty annoying if your session also starts Akregator, which also wants to look up lots of hostnames.

At first, I blamed my DNS server. I then quickly moved to blaming my router or KDE, depending on my mood. Turns out, it's probably the last one. Because yesterday, a blog title caught my eye: konqueror en dns requests (Dutch. And what are the odds of randomly finding a solution to a weird Konq problem on a blog hosted at my university! For those not understanding Dutch, he also commented on the bug report). It described my problem, and offered an easy solution: use a small and local DNS server. So I installed dnsmasq, and this morning I had no more DNS problems anymore! Yay! Let's hope it stays that way.

Now I seem to have regressed back into my pre-DNS-problem issue of 'the process for the ...url... protocol died unexpectedly'. Which while annoying, doesn't even start to reach the DNS annoyingness.



Wow. I have been fighting this same issue for a long time and dnsmasq seems to solve it for me too.

Did you make any tweaks to your dnsmasq.conf file, or are you just running with the default config?

By awinterz at Mon, 11/20/2006 - 12:52

Apart from changing the resolv-file (so that I could put localhost in my real resolv file), I really only changed the listening interface and IP to lo and, just to be sure :)

By bart coppens at Mon, 11/20/2006 - 13:45