Kopete Jabber Plugin - Do you use it?

Jabber seems to be growing again lately. Yet, Kopete seems to have no real userbase in Jabberland. I always wonder why I don't get any real feedback. There are hardly any bug reports, hardly any wishlist entries. Compared to the other plugins like ICQ or MSN at least, although that might be an unfair comparison.

Would you use the Kopete Jabber plugin? Do you know about Jabber at all? If you are using the Jabber plugin, are you missing any features?

There are things like multi-user chat that I don't use at all, yet they are on my todo list. It would be cool to have multi-user chat support, Kopete can rudimentarily handle groupchat, but since there's no feedback (and thus seemingly no demand), it's hard to motivate yourself to finish it properly.

There are many more things like presence signing, standards-compliant encryption and others that I maybe don't even know about, it's cool to add more stuff that makes Kopete interact better with other clients, but then again, if nobody seems to use it, it sometimes feels like a wasted effort.


ds aka Daniel Stone? You are posting anonymously? What a shame. :)

Anyway, the plugin is maintained - I am looking after it. After my absence, during which two people attempted a port to the new Kopete API (including yourself, I might add :) ), I found the code to be horribly broken. I picked it up again a few weeks ago and finished the port.

It was quite disappointing to see the code in the state that it was, especially since when I had to temporarily stop Kopete development, the code was rock-solid and I had rewritten so much of the original code that it actually started to look good.

It is quite stable again now, there are only minor bugs left that cause no harm and don't occur during regular use.

By KDE User at Wed, 07/23/2003 - 09:15

I was posting anonymously because all my fooishbar.org mail was being silently lost for a week, which I found surprisingly peaceful and nice. I thought "ds" and "since I dropped maintainership" should give you enough of a clue. ;)

I just made the comments about maintainership, because I remember it allegedly being taken over about 3 times by 2 different people, and very little ever happening.

The original code wasn't broken. It was incomplete, sure, but it wasn't broken. The style was consistent, and it worked quite nicely. After you went through and had a bit of a hack-and-slash, including replacing every pointer imaginable, it started doing things like segfaulting on registering (for months), segfaulting on disconnecting, and heaps of stuff. I was both too busy and lethargic to fix it (even if I had the time to now, I couldn't - I'm on dialup, if I feel like hauling all of my computer downstairs to the dining room [where the only phone plug], and it's firewalled and NATed).

My port wasn't an attempt to fix anything, it was just to make it use KopeteAccount or whatever, not change anything massive and make it !suck. IIRC, mattr picked up the pieces after that (I had a huge falling-out with Duncan that made me question why I ever worked on it in the first place), but I still experienced pretty horrible breakage.

I agree it was incredibly disappointing (and demotivating) to see the code in so bad a shape that I seriously considered nuking it all and starting again. It was still more or less "my baby", my first real upstream project, so that was pretty depressing for me.

It's good to see that Jabber is no longer the embarassment that it was, and that I can apparently safely start recommending Kopete to my friends. It was my mission when writing the Jabber plugin (and my brief foray into core code, most of which has now been reindented/rewritten) that I could recommend Kopete to people who wanted only Jabber, and the full featureset of Jabber. I still wish it.

By daniels at Wed, 07/30/2003 - 03:46

The only time the plugin was in such a sad state was when I was gone for almost half a year earlier this year. I found the plugin to be rather stable by the end of last year, which was about when I did my last commits to it before rejoining the project this summer.

In between, the code was in an embarassing state indeed. Many people seemed to commit without having understood the inner workings. Anyway, this should belong to the past now. :)

By KDE User at Fri, 09/19/2003 - 11:31

I'm a KDE user(/wannabe developer) that use Jabber a lot. However I found Kopete to be unstable and bloated so I switched to Psi instead. This has been what I've used for a long time now. Perhaps it is time I try Kopete again, but it has to be better than what I currently use in order for me to switch. (Like in any of smaller, more stable, better KDE integration/KAddressbook maybe?)

By KDE User at Tue, 07/29/2003 - 07:03

Yesterday I downloaded the 0.7.1 RPM version of kopete to install it on a Compaq Evo RedHat9 box. And my first impression was at least negative. After making a very simple configuration with just Jabber. Kopete stays irresponsive and shows the following on a terminal screen:

QMetaObject::findSignal:_QSSLFilter: Conflict with QSSLFilter::outgoingSSLDataReady()
QMetaObject::findSignal:_QSSLFilter: Conflict with QSSLFilter::readyRead()
QMetaObject::findSignal:_QSSLFilter: Conflict with QSSLFilter::handshaken()
QMetaObject::findSignal:_QSSLFilter: Conflict with QSSLFilter::error(bool,const QString&)
kopete: relocation error: kopete: undefined symbol: _ZN13KNotifyClient5eventEiRK7QStringS2_

SSL? I haven't used SSL. I don't get it. I guess I will keep using psi until this problems are solved.

[email protected]

By KDE User at Thu, 08/21/2003 - 13:44

The problem is not in the Jabber plugin. The warning about the signals/slots is due to some code in our backend library but can be safely ignored. The relocation error seems to be due to Kopete being linked to a different KDE version than the one you are trying to run it with.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/19/2003 - 11:26

It seems the kopete jabber plugin has some severe bugs causing jabber servers to stop from working.
It happens from time to time that it starts being stupid and starts bombing the server with commands, login attempts or things like that.

Denial of service is the result, and therefore kopete should'n be used until this bug is fixed.
Since every now and then, wenn someone is logging in via kopete, the server isn't able to answer the flood of requests, it is unusable until the specific IP of the kopete user is blocked.

By KDE User at Mon, 09/01/2003 - 07:18

I'm tired of this accusation. Nobody has ever provided logs showing the bug or reliable steps to reproduce it. Nobody (except for the amessage admin) has even bothered to help me search for it.

Until now, there has only been one (1) report which *thought* there might be a problem related to Kopete. There have never been any follow-ups.

So, unless you can provide me with serious information than just your rant above, I take your comment as FUD.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/19/2003 - 11:20


I'm using Kopete with Jabber plugin and generally it works good. Butthere is no difference on contacts lists between normal users and transports (gateways to other systems provided by the server). It distinguished in other IM clients but here transports appear on my list as normal users and there is no option not to show them.

It would be so nice to have it.....

Very good and nice work - thank you and good luck

By KDE User at Sun, 09/14/2003 - 15:35

It's on my todo list, I hope I'll be able to implement it soon.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/19/2003 - 11:21