My very first blog

Hello World

This is my first blog, now if I only knew how to get it posted on :-)

So what am I up to - KimDaBa as usual, but I'll tell you much more about that later, first I need to ensure that this gets posted - stay tuned.


Guessimation of your next blog topic: klik://kimdaba? ;-)

And if this link doesn't work, you probably haven't read the klik Dot Story, and not followed the klik client installation instructions (install takes only 20 seconds to complete).

Try it!

And then dissect it. Unpack it. Swap the old files contained therein for your compiled development snapshot. Repack it. Call the result "kimdaba-latest.cmg". Upload it somewhere. Tell us the location. And then we'll make the "klik://kimdaba-latest" fake URL work for it.

Your user betatesters will *love* it. (You, probably not. Because it will make your users discover bugs that you didnt even imagine could ever exist ;-)


By Kurt Pf. at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 02:40

Yo kurt.

I actually did try installing klik yesterdat, but got a DNS error :-)

I sure will give it a try a bit later on, but currently kimdaba is in a state where I rather have people stay away from it, as it is highly unstable ;-)

By Jesper K. Pedersen at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 04:10

OK, now I tried Klik, and it is indeed need.

Now I just need to find time to learn how to develop klik packages - I take it, that that cannot be done with a single klik :-o

By Jesper K. Pedersen at Thu, 09/22/2005 - 04:27