"This Month in SVN" also in Dutch

Canllaith recently started a new series on the Dot called This Month in SVN. This is indeed a cool idea to give non-technical people some insight on what is happening in SVN. Bram is also impressed with these series. He suggest that perhaps localization could be done on these series, like we do with Application of the Month.

Bram created a new section on the KDE-NL website where translated issues of "This Month in SVN" can be found.

One last word to Bram. Are you able to support this effort for a longer time? Perhaps find some people to help you. I ask this because KDE-NL already have several translation efforts going and we sometimes have some trouble to keep on supporting those efforts. Perhaps I am too concerned :)

Anyway Bram, as always, an excellent job and many thanks to Canllaith for these cool new series


Can't help myself with the translation (too busy translating docs at the moment).

By Rinse at Sun, 06/26/2005 - 19:29