so after attacking the clock applet i convinced myself to fix another long time annoyance of mine: no way for an applet to pop a custom menu in the applet handle menu. well, no more! now i'm going through all the applets in CVS and fixing 'em up to Do The Right Thing(tm). not exactly exciting, though i'm sure all 2 people who notice in the next release will be happy about it. at least they better be. ;-)

once i'm done the 15 pieces applet i'll send a patch to Elter for his kicker applet writing tutorial. then maybe i'll get to working on the KMail reader window and/or the address widget. or maybe i'll finally add that Autostart manager to the session manager control panel.

in any case, Tabasco kicks ass. in case you were wondering.


By KDE User at Tue, 08/12/2003 - 17:12

You know what? I have personally seen others (and even myself :-/) do exactly the same things in every one of those cases listed. The thought process was the same, the outcome was the same, and the things I heard people say afterwards closely resembled their recomendations at the end. All in all, while no one really likes to be told their way of doing UI sucks, KDE can greatly benefit from all of this.

Most of it was naming issues, better indication of events (like a way to indicate that the drag-n-drop to quick launch areas would go to a certain place etc), and definatly inconsistencies among the various context menus, start menus, and KConfig modules. This was clearly evident in the modifications the group had to make to the initial KDE install. Quite reasonable though since Linux in general offers so much (overwhelming for someone like my mother) and in a corporate environment the manchines would be staged accordingly anyhow -- assuming the necessary human resources like was stated.

It was a good read while not doing anything at work ;)

By KDE User at Tue, 08/12/2003 - 18:54

nah, i'm not bored, just doing some boring things. and yeah, i pulled that PDF as soon as it was announced. looks like several days worth of reading and exploration are ahead for me... =)

By Aaron J. Seigo at Tue, 08/12/2003 - 19:49