Why I accepted this contract!!!!!! spent 3 weeks debugging this crappy rs232 protocol ........
and my cat now know all the french canadian swear ....
bah! It will end soon and I will be able to do some fun stuff ... well I hope.

19h04 EST: the crappy thing seems now to work and I still don't know why ........


Teach you to try to use palm serial! So are you making PalmOS tools for KDE now? What tools do you use on KDE, I heard KDevelop 3.0 had palm os support, but I cannot find it.


By KDE User at Fri, 07/25/2003 - 16:32

I just haven't got the time to finish it.

By Mathieu Chouinard at Fri, 07/25/2003 - 18:11

French Canadian swearings? Cool! :)
Can you teach me some?

By KDE User at Fri, 07/25/2003 - 16:47

you fscked table in konqi with that long argh! :P


By KDE User at Fri, 07/25/2003 - 20:41

And have a look at dot.kde.org -- that long argh is no good :)

By KDE User at Sat, 07/26/2003 - 06:04