Where did all these projects come from?

I just looked at the mound of stuff I have in my local CVS tree, in addition to the bits and pieces that I have scattered around the KDE CVS tree and I started thinking, "Where did all these projects come from?" I've got quite several going on. They are:

  • Kopete - bug fixing. Seems like i'm the only active developer at the moment (even though I'm really not)
  • KChangelogMaker - little app in kdenonbeta to edit changelogs. I need to finish it so i can release a 0.1 version
  • Kexi's ODBC Framework - Need time at work to work on it since that's where the servers are
  • KDEQA - App similiar to the Query Analyzer app found in the MS SQL Server product. I hate using isql
  • YMSG Protocol Documentation - Vaporware as of yet. I haven't even created the CVS module for it. Need to decide on the format
  • libyahoo2++ - C++ port of the yahoo backend that kopete uses. I told the libyahoo2 project leader that i'd take it over. As of yet, haven't done anything with it.
  • Secret Project - i can't tell people what it is yet, because I don't want to be bombarded with mail about it (like I expect to be)

    So, yup, I'm working on alot right now. Maybe I'll get some of it finished, and if you want to help, drop me a line.


> Seems like i’m the only active developer at the moment.
is there nothing to do except for the bugfixing?

i still cant understand why kopete cant be replaced with sim.
afaik sim uses (cross-platform) qt and has kde support (as well as kdiff3)
can somebody give me url with underpinning of the decision?

By 20khz at Wed, 04/14/2004 - 15:18

I'm not aware of a decision to deny SIM access to the KDE CVS, so if SIM fully integrates into KDE (i.e. supports DCOP, Kiosk, KWallet, KAddressbook etc. and reuses/shares KDE code wherever possible) it should be no problem and even of advantage to import SIM at least to the Extra Gear module in CVS. This all is up to the SIM developers, noone else. However I personally think that true cross platform Qt and true KDE integration don't mix well at all and I guess that's the reason why SIM developers stay away from KDE so far.

By Na at Wed, 04/14/2004 - 16:45

there's plenty to do, besides the bugfixing. I could go into a huge long list of stuff that I have on my personal TODO list as well as stuff that's posted, but for a good idea of what's on our plate, in addition to bugfixing, see developer.kde.org and look at the KDE 3.3 Features list

By mattr at Thu, 04/15/2004 - 19:27