Kopete Jabber Plugin - Do you use it?

Jabber seems to be growing again lately. Yet, Kopete seems to have no real userbase in Jabberland. I always wonder why I don't get any real feedback. There are hardly any bug reports, hardly any wishlist entries. Compared to the other plugins like ICQ or MSN at least, although that might be an unfair comparison.

Would you use the Kopete Jabber plugin? Do you know about Jabber at all? If you are using the Jabber plugin, are you missing any features?

There are things like multi-user chat that I don't use at all, yet they are on my todo list. It would be cool to have multi-user chat support, Kopete can rudimentarily handle groupchat, but since there's no feedback (and thus seemingly no demand), it's hard to motivate yourself to finish it properly.

There are many more things like presence signing, standards-compliant encryption and others that I maybe don't even know about, it's cool to add more stuff that makes Kopete interact better with other clients, but then again, if nobody seems to use it, it sometimes feels like a wasted effort.


Hi I use Kopete (0.7.3) and Jabber. Have just found an issue with groupchat. Can connect to room and receive messages from other members. However, Any messages I try to send are not received. The text entry window shows me (online), the conference room (offline).

have to use a different client for group chat.

apart from this I haven't had many problems with the way I use the jabber plugin.


By acolvin at Fri, 03/05/2004 - 17:42

I really like Kopete look and feal. The only problem I have is I do not know how to connect to chat rooms with Jabber.

I did it once, I don't remember how, but it was not working correctly. Then I switched to GAIM.
But now I'm tired of GAIM, the UI sucks. And I came back to Kopete.

But I still miss a good support for group chat in Jabber. (Create a chat room, explore the rooms on a server, add rooms to the contact list, join a room, ...)

By b12 at Wed, 05/26/2004 - 10:43

Any chance of file transfer capability happening in the short term folks ? I am willing to test any piece of code you care to throw at me. Typically if this can work with MacOSX::iChat, it would be funtaastik. This would keep both segments of our workplace happy.

By A. Linuxer at Tue, 06/14/2005 - 16:34


By A. Linuxer at Tue, 06/21/2005 - 14:38

Jabber is my protocol of choice, and Kopete is my client of choice :). that said, I'm not a heavy user of IM. I have no real problems with Jabber or Kopete for that matter.

I do have one general gripe about the state of IM: Video/voice-chats. I know that there are system for this (Apple's solution, and I believe MSN supports it as well). And Kopete (and others) are planning to support those. But there are no open-source solutions. We have the technology. We have the IM-technology (Jabber). We have the audio-technology (Speex), we have the video-technology (Xvid, Theora). Why not combine those for a true open-source video-conferencing-solution?

By Janne Ojaniemi at Wed, 06/22/2005 - 08:44

First of all, everything and anything ;)

1. The possibility to do a service discovery is missing
2. The possibility to register to jabber components is missing

These are the most important things, I'm missing in Kopetes Jabber Plugin, and this is the reason why I'm using PSI.

Another idea came to my mind:

1. Get rid of this propietary protocols
2. Concentrate on jabber and xmpp completley
3. Jabber Servers do have most of the time all transports like ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc.
4. If we want to spread Jabber and KDE, we should play with open protocols and not with propietary stuff.

By St. Hermann at Sun, 06/26/2005 - 03:45

I agree that Jabber should be the best supported protocol in the Kopete family of protocols, but it should not be the only one. For one thing, because it isn't the only open protocol: there's IRC too.

And second because the hackers who coded the other protocols did so because they want to use it.

By Thiago Macieira at Sun, 06/26/2005 - 16:55

Hi all! I like Kopete very much, but I feel that jabber isn't integrated enough. For example jabber functions are only accessible through the little jabber icon on the bottom right corner. Also I would like to have the option to choose custom icon packs for contacts and IM protocols.
The contact list doesn't show automatically when I enter a chatroom and there aren't any mod or operator functions avaible :(

By the_mouse at Fri, 08/17/2007 - 20:44