A few thoughts on Plasma/Wayland, KWinFT

Monday, 19 October 2020  |  eike hein
Categories: Plasma, KWin
There's a lot of intense, opinionated debate on the current state of Plasma's Wayland session these days. This seems to be fueled by mainly two events, Fedora's announcement to flip to Wayland by default for version 34 of their KDE variant, and a a recent fork of KWin and a few other components of Plasma, KWinFT. Read More

Linux desktop shell IPC: Wayland vs. D-Bus, and the lack of agreement on when to use them

Sunday, 11 October 2020  |  eike hein
Categories: Wayland, KWin
On the Linux desktop today, we have two dominant IPC technologies in use between applications and the desktop environment: Wayland and D-Bus. While created for different reasons, both are generically extensible and can be used to exchange data, synchronize state and send requests and signals between peers. Read More