Congratulations KDE! and a note on weather forecast plasmoid

We did it!

KDE 4.2 Released!

Congratulations to everyone who made this possible! It's this kind of spirit that makes me want to shed a tear of joy.

For those looking for the weather forecast plasmoid (that's the official name of it), it's now in extragear for the KDE 4.2 post-release so distros can now package it.

My plan is to move this to kdeplasma-addons for KDE 4.3 in a few months. We have some features planned that will be really nice :-)


A Holiday Present - Weather Plasmoid 1.0 is finished

Well, I've been extremely busy on the weather plasmoid and finally, '1.0' is ready for use. It's now moved to kdereview so that any final bugs can be shaken out. This should arrive in extragear as soon as the review is completed.

*** If your Qt is old, it WILL crash when moving mouse to focus mouse on the icons. Please get your distro to get latest Qt 4.4.x release!

You'll notice some differences:

* New! Five day view. Special thanks to Marco Martin and Lee Olson also the wind icon.
* Thanks to the Pinheiro for the new Oxygen Icons


A New Beginning

So,I've moved. This is the first week that I'm in my new place. If you were wondering why I haven't done much coding, that's why ;-)

Getting used to living away from the nest.

Here's some pictures:

Condo Picture 1

Condo Picture 2


Current Status of weather plasmoid


Just to let everyone know, I haven't stopped development. Here's a current look of the plasmoid with more changes coming

Weather Plasmoid

I've been busy with notmart aka Marco Martin and finally the results are starting to pay off nicely. I am still gunning for KDE 4.2 to have the '1.0' version of this plasmoid complete and ready for use.


OLS Day 0

On Monday, I drove to Guelph to hang out with some friends and then take the VIA Train to Ottawa. We arrived around 5pm today.

About the only thing done that was productive today was order a Pizza and sync rawhide and pray wireless will work tomorrow morning.

I wish Other KDE people where here :-(

[ Insert I'm Going to OLS! banner here ]

Pictures to come ...


Plasma Weather Meeting and things to come...

Our famous Oxygen folks have brought a taste of things to come for the weather plasmoid. This mockup is a work in progress.

Credit goes to Pinheiro and Lee Olson from Oxygen for getting things started!

[image:3553 size="original" nolink=1]

I would like to propose a meeting for next week to discuss some changes for the mockup, and other features we may need. Feedback welcome on the date and time.

This is scheduled for KDE 4.2 timeframe.


[image:3554 size="original" nolink=1]
and wish I could


A lament for the system tray

O woe is me, your poor systray.
I work so hard to show you statuses,
and even then I get no respect.
I make your panel shine with glee,
O please say a prayer for me.

O woe is me.
I am the systray,
just don't make me display things in disarray.


Fedora Elections and Weather Applet

Just as everyone else SHOULD be doing....

[image:3521 size="original" nolink=1]
(thanks to whoever drew the artwork)

Go HERE to vote if you're a member of Fedora

With the election going on, I believe we'll have a great board elected to continue the progress Fedora is making. So do your part and VOTE NOW!

On the KDE side of things...


The Fedora 9 Release party and KDE

Well, a few days ago, I attended the release party for Fedora 9. There was a lot of people who showed up a few Red Hat folks who work on Fedora and packages. There were also a few users who showed up to try Fedora out for the first time. It was a big success! Thanks to all who came out

When I arrived, I was asked to demonstrate KDE for the audience. Seeing that I don't have KDE 4.0.x and that I'm using trunk ('4.1') I showed them some features in 4.1 giving them notice of the bugs they were about to encounter. All and all, the demonstration went ok otherwise.


More Cross-desktop collaborators and the eventual '1.0' release of the weather applet


I am pleasantly surprised to hear from Aaron Seigo and others that there has been more collaboration going on that most people might not know about. Learning that Qt 4.x now can use the Glib event loop gives us a lot of abilities to create glue between KDE and GNOME interfaces which is really encouraging.