Fedora and KDE/spin's treatment - Discussion

I think it's important that the Fedora KDE / Spins Community speak out about how Fedora treats KDE and other spins. Given Fedora is about to have FESCo election, now is the perfect time to get community feedback on what candidates think.

For those who know me, they know I enjoy and support Fedora/Red Hat and have for awhile. However, they also know I strongly dislike how Fedora treats KDE as a 2nd class citizen. Why do I say that? It's well known the history of Fedora/Red Hat has been GNOMEcentric from the very beginning.


A new year and a whole lot of stuff (part 1 of 2)

It's been an awful while since I last blogged, we all go though periods where things get rather crazy all at once or boring, mine went though both.


The Job hunt continues...

I've been really busy on the job front these days most recently being interviewed at HQ. It was a great experience. I made it to the final steps but unfortunately, was not an exact fit for what they needed (I applied for a Quality Engineering role). Even so, I'm proud to have gotten to the decision stage, they aren't an easy company to get into.

Now that my passport is being renewed, hopefully more opportunities will arrive. The economy hasn't made any of this easy looking for work but hopefully something comes around soon.

sshd kicking you out? Check your SELinux labeling!

So, on my Fedora Rawhide box, somehow it refused to allow logins via ssh, somehow SELinux in permissive mode was spewing failures left and right.


One adventure ends....

It is sad to report, but I have been laid off at RIM/BlackBerry today.

I wish them all the best with Qt.

I now look for a new adventure, a new opportunity to help the Open Source community grow.

If you know of any great places that are hiring, please let me know :)

Thank you.



RIM is hiring Qt developers!

We're hiring Qt developers in Germany, for those who might not know, BlackBerry 10 is using Qt for our core platform with Cascades for our UI/UX framework.

Details are here:


From Plasma to BlackBerry 10/Qt and Cascades

Speaking for myself and not for RIM

With RIM's serious push for Qt as part of the core frameworks and a more Open Source push for its ecosystem, it's the right time for me to jump in.

I Just started my initial porting of the Weather Forecast engine and applet to BlackBerry 10. It won't be Plasma based but pure Qt and Cascades UI with the kinds of effects that I really want to use.

I have to say it's pretty easy to get going. You go here: BlackBerry 10 Development


Out of the loop, but not out of sight, hello PlayBook and Qt!

Please note: This blog is personal and opinions are of my own and do not represent RIM

I've been quiet for a while now. Lots of things going on in my life. I have not forgotten KDE, but I'm still unable to work on anything at this time (more on that in future post).

But I'm glad to say that having Qt as part of PlayBook is awesome!
I look forward to seeing what people will do.

We've ported a number of projects to QNX for the PlayBook and can be found here: BlackBerry GitHub


Even though you know it's coming it's never something you really want to happen...

Well, today I was let go after being at Platform Computing working on our Open Source software for almost 5 years. It's been one of those up and downer days. I read the FLOSS blog postings from all the different communities and see people being let go and now I'm one of them :-(

The writing was on the wall though for months, it's not like I didn't know this would happen. I just wanted to deny that It could happen, but it has happened.


Weather Forecast Widget - Update

There will be some new weather providers coming soon. I am currently working on adding a Netherlands source (current conditions only provided free). Someone is working on a German source and I plan on adding 7 day forecast info to the NOAA provider hopefully soon.

Just be aware, I do read what's out there from googleland and yes we do need more weather providers for you folks complaining ;-)
As for using Marble, I'd like to, as NOAA provides .kml files which would make radar display very nice to have. But I'm only one person you know, help me out and things happen faster!