KResouce Akonadi resources

No, the title is not recycled from my previous blog entry but it is very closely related.

Last time I wrote about Akonadi based KResource plugins, this time I am writing about KResource based Akonadi resources.

Since both entries are rather targeted at other developers, I promise to write a third one explaining the things from a user's point of view :)


Akonadi KResource plugins

I just moved the two Akonadi KResource "bridges", i.e. implementations of the KResource plugins for contacts and calendars based on Akonadi (KABC::Resource and KCal::ResourceCalendar respectively), to kdepim/kresources.


KDE PIM Meeting 2008 - Part 2

Meanwhile I have switched the Cafe to one inside the security area and from Cappuchino to Schneider's Weiße :)

One import think about KDE developer meetings is that they are not only about getting work done, but also about getting to know each other better.

Additionally to the usual "mapping faces to IRC nicks" happenings which one can also experience at our big events like Akademy, this is also about meeting people who build successful businesses upon our work, in this case the people from Intevation.


KDE PIM Meeting 2008

I am sitting here in a Cafe on Münster Airport after an exciting weekend at the KDE PIM meeting in Osnabrück.

Being a first-timer I was really looking forward to it and I wasn't disappointed.
Although my travelling to the event turned out to be quite adventurous because my connection flight from Frankfurt to Münster got cancelled due to strong winds and the airline had to re-booked me on a train ride for the rest of the journey.


PIM(p) your desktop!

Great quote from Danimo's Chaos radio express interview when the topic Akonadi is discussed.

Since I am one of the developers invited to this year's KDE PIM developer meeting in Osnabrück, I am currently trying to improve my knowledge of Akonadi.


When the traditional way of thinking gets into your way

Sometimes, usually on weekends, I award myself the luxury of checking websites that might have interesting stuff to read.

Yesterday one of these sites has been Dell's IdeaStorm portal which probably all of you know because of the Ubuntu/Dell stories.

A couple of months after starting to sell Ubuntu pre-installed on selected modells, Dell started a similar campaign in three European countries: German, France and the UK.

One of the IdeaStorm topics that caught my eye was "Europe is not just German, France and UK"

Right, good point!


Travelling: the odd(?) lucky guy

With all these blogs about how awful people's travelling experience has been from/to aKademy, I'd thought I blog a bit about mine.

In short: my journey turned out better than expected.

It started a bit like the other stories, i.e. the plane from Graz to Vienna was held at Graz airport for 40 minutes due to heavy traffic in the area around Vienna. Since my connection flight was expected to leave one hour after my original arrival, I would have still had enough time to reach it in any case.


Flash news, update

About two days ago I wrote about changes in the way browser plugins are ging to be handled. At that time, based on the information I gathered from two threads on kfm-devel (linked to from the other blog entry), I assumed that the new Adobe Flash player plugin would just use XEmbed for the visual part but still be an old style in-process plugin with all its difficulties.


News Flash

Or rather Flash news?

One of Adobe's Flash player developers, Tinic Uro, today used his blog to tell us users about upcoming features.

Among the list of changes we can read about a change regarding the Linux Flash plugin:
The Linux plugin now uses the XEmbed protocol. This is work in progress. The downside is that konqueror and Opera do not support this right now, so the Flash plugin will not work until these vendors update their plugin support.



People like clowns, they are funny!

A clown figure is the image of a very clumsy person, sometimes even stupid. They wear oversized clothes, huge shoes and have ridiculous makeup.
They do things way too stupid for normal people to even consider, their jobs is to be whereever there is a need to from someone to laugh about.

Clumsiness of clowns is so funny, because it is intended, naturally clumsy people are not, because their clumsiness happens accidentally and often creates awkward situations rather than funny ones.