UK Linux Expo ready

The good news, Rich, is that the KDE stand at the UK Linux Expo is now ready, cos I just set it up :)

Thanks to SuSE for supplying a machine. Various other SuSE bits were also supplied, does anyone have ideas for what to do with 4 copies of SuSE 8.2, a box full of SuSE Office-Pro CDs for SuSE 8.0 and 20 SuSE mouse mats? Hopefully I can get a SuSE 9.1 CD so I can install software as needed, like the required en-gb translations. Incidently the SuSE 9.1 widget theme is an interesting and quite pleasing mix between Plastik and Kermarik.


KDE artists

KDE artists is an interesting project limited by the number of people who are actually talented enough to create high quality artworks (not me). There isn't much coherency to the group, people who know what they're doing are often too busy to reply to those who don't and posts to the list can go unanswered. The website is quite limited too. Changes to improve this include a wiki page and hopefully the bugs.kde.org entries will soon point towards the mailing list. There's also an IRC channel #kde-artists on freenode which may or may not catch on.


Gwenview now with KPart

Annoyed at the lack of directory image browser for Konqueror and the primitive image viewer I turned Gwenview into a Konqueror KPart. You can get it from kdeextragear-1 CVS, all comments are welcome.


Thoughts on Umbrello 1.3

Dearest Umbrello and KDE Developers,

KDE has been branched for 3.2 and Umbrello UML Modeller 1.2 will soon be released with it. My impression of Umbrello 1.2 is that it is a good release with features that were defiantly lacking in the previous version. Developing as part of KDE has been a good thing, our release cycle has matched well and we get quite a bit of development, translation and packaging support as well as publicity with it although I hope it doesn't put off non-KDE users from using Umbrello. Two commercial UML tool have bought Google Adwords for 'Umbrello' which affirms in my mind that we compete with the commercial competition (and in many ways surpass it). We have gained a couple of top class developers in the last year and a few equally important beastie reporters. My most proud achievement is getting Americans to use the word 'beastie' :)


kdedevelopers e-mail feed, thinkpad KMilo plugin, proofreading and top secret KDE groups!

kde.me.uk has some things of mine on it.

kde.com's e-mail feed of KDE dot news died along with kde.com so I set up another one for dot news and added debianplanet.org and kdedevelopers.org. email news feeds. KDE dot news are planning on adding their own e-mail feed so that one may dissapear.


Why you should use Umbrello UML Modeller

I'm giving a talk next week at the Linux 2003 conference in Edinburgh about UML Modelling with Umbrello. Since I'm not too sure what to say I'm writing notes here in the hope that I'll be struck by inspiration and maybe some useful comments.