The strange KDE vacations ever...

Well... This year i intended to take vacations at mom's house, in a beatifull place called Florianópolis..
I scheduled my vacations to april, 3 and i was thinking that everything would go smooth until the week before arrived !!
So, i was invited for 3 KDE, Desktop and Qt talks in this month. Ok, i thought, it's just 3.
But ( always have a but ), i didn't imagine what's coming next..
Here's the itinerary:


Cleaning the past...

Vacations lead you to do strange things...
I waked up this morning and strangely aim my eyes to the huge closet barely opened in last three years at my apartment..
So, i decided that it's time to throw out almost everything in there, since i really didn't need this stuff.


The evil of all translation ( or how i18n packaging can be hell on the earth )

Following the tuff days at Conectiva ( company restructuring is always tuff ), we are finishing our next Conectiva release.
Many people know how insane and massive split package policy we have, and adding new packaging features like automatic i18n subpackages generation and auto detecting i18n install by language ( all thanks to LUA language embedded on apt ) looks like the things are become harder to manage, no ? Really no. We reach a good technology stage and a good efficiency with our small team and we do this things easily.