My part for Randa

I just give it back to KDE at least some in return of all i received in all last 10 years.
Please, if you in some ways had KDE improved your day by day , help to fund Randa meetings.


I'm going too

This has been an very different year for me, but so far so good, things happened and
despite the crazy itinerary to get the most "almost" cheap tickets...


Explaining Anagrm and our Android efforts

Hello blog, long time no see :-)

In last few months, Collabora, my employer, moved me and a team of good hackers to a mission of enable in some way automatic open source tools, code and libraries on top of AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ), and with our central focus are Wayland, Gstreamer and Pulseaudio, and a bit with Qt5 before, but this for later and will be some personal project soon.


I'm going too !!

Another year, my first Desktop Summit, plenty of things to do, gstreamer training, help organization, even be a referee in a geek football match.
Crazy days ahead.
Leaving sunny Florianópolis right now !!


A Tale of Chile

I've been last week in Concépcion, south of Chile to attend another nice open source conference, been the second brazilian around ( Sulamita Garcia beat me first :-). But for me was special since last year we have finally some latin american KDE communities giving life signs, and i would expect that take more time to have they start to appear strongly, even more most of latin america been a strong Gnome supporter for years.

Well, here's Camilo Astete to prove me wrong:


We're looking for passionate Qt and KDE developers !!

So, as looking that everyone is in the hiring mode...

Yes, Collabora is hiring. So if you are passionate for open source, want join a company that share the same passion as well, want to work from any place in the world and have at least some of these skills below, then we want to know you.


Warming up - Multimedia and Edu Sprint

Long time, no post...

So, this probably is the first post *from* the multimedia sprint, after an interesting internet setup which a fire alarm was a crucial component :-)

As usual, lost airplane connections could not be missing in my journey, this time relaxed for the company of two brazilian coleagues, Tomaz e Alexandre. In the end, we passed by two Portugal cities before arrive in Genève.

Mario hosted us in the first night on your amazing family challet.

People are arrive in batches today, anne Marie a few seconds ago when i was typing this line.


Amazing Board

Amazing Blog This is the amazing idea that came with Amanda from the new local KDE-MG group. Simple, beatifull and the most interesting way to get conference people to enjoy your booth, put his ideas out of the mind and getting everyone close. At this picture, you see Tomaz ( no tap dance included ), and the board, saying ODEIO ( I Hate ) on left and AMO ( I Love ) and everyone can express their feeling about our beloved project where we can improve it or not, writing a note, whatever you want to write. Our small booth is really more interesting:-) Right now, i'm in the talk table to introduce Anne-Marie in her's bugsquad presentation ! Later will talk more about our second Latinoware experience, getting better and better... Ahh, i forgot to say, there's a nice tipical "Minas Gerais" prize waiting for one of the guys writing the note !

So far, so long, thanks for all the fish...

So some already heard the news, but just today i felt that is time to push my own message.
After 10 and a half years, i'm leaving Conectiva and of course Mandriva. Among all this years i shared all the up and downs, saw literally hundreds of colleagues leave company in all sort of situations, saw company evolution from a linux box distro to a major world linux developer, survived position changes, office changes, even building changes.
As everyone that lived all the past and current histories knows that are all to stay for life.