Why I think Kopete is deadish

I feel sorry to restart blogging after a long time with a rant, but I'm still working on the translation and I also started working as Gentoo dev, so I haven't had time to work on KNetLoad/general KDE apps.

Well time to start the rant, but before I want to say that I really respect Kopete developers, they did a good work, an extremely good one, but I think the way it's managed now it's moving it to the death.



I was thinking about KDE development seriously in the last days, also because of many posts on many developers' blogs. For instance, when I was looking at Aaron post about new users and new developers I found myself thinking about the "KDE: We Have A Lot Of Stuff" slogan. It's true: KDE has a very lot of stuff, but some stuff it's only dupe of dupe.