daniels has entered the building

So, I'm writing this entry from aKademy -- all thanks to the eV for giving me a subsidy so I could come over here and speak about

If you see a tall Aussie guy with a beard and short, spiky hair wandering around looking confused because he didn't have enough time to learn German before left, and you want to talk to him about, or just say hi, please grab him and talk to him. Apparently he's a pretty cool dude. :)

Oh, and in other news, danimo sucks as a tour guide. ;)


fd.o: what we're doing now

In short: Xizzle. xserver gained another DDX (Driver-Dependent X: essentially anything for an X server that isn't the definition of an atom, or any other core, shared functions) - Xizzle. It's a fork of XFree86, autotooled, and with other goodness. The loader is going away. The cruft is being kicked out of the tree. This will form the crux of the first stable xserver release, which will be made before the end of the month (tick, tick, tick).


fd.o disast^Wdiscussion

The "*nods in agreement*" comment at the bottom of this post is required reading. For all of you. Go Eike.



I have only one thing to say. kde-core-devel mail: one reply - from myself, one 'good work' on IRC, one 'I don't care, go away' (hi coolo) on IRC. desktop-devel-list (GNOME) mail: seventeen replies, all up, and many 'rock on's on IRC from GNOME hackers.

That is all.


Life, and other unfortunate incidents

So, what have I been doing while MIA?

I've moved house on 15min notice, for a start. I'm incredibly busy with school (assessment tasks, exams, you name it), and trying to get some work done while I still can. I don't even have a real net connection - if I drag my computer downstairs, I can get dialup to a NATed IP. Wa-hey.