It ain't broke, don't fix it!

More and more often, I get the occasion for a violent rant. This means one of two things: either a) I become older and crazier or b) this world becomes too stupid and too crazy for me.

Being one of those happy beings that never manage to get enough time and which think sleeping and eating are a huge waste of time, I, normally, conform to all sorts of Murphy laws, get a nasty time wasting from time to time.


Linux in government: CLLAP 2006

Some time ago, I got a personal invitation to represent KDE with a booth at CLLAP on May 23-24 2006. Altough this event happily intersects with my work and my (already legendary) lack of personal time, I decided to give it a go (read more...)

It is my firm conviction that our work rhymes best with government missions and I still naïvely dream that only lack of better information/knowledge keeps governments from literally flooding us (FOSS creators) with requests and offers of collaboration.



Seeing a body of the size of Gouvernment of Canada do the right thing can be a reason of pride.

Statcan introduced web-based census this year. But they had a limitation as to what browsers can be used. Needless to say, Linux browsers were ruled out by default. I'm pleased to advertize that they timely fixed the false problem.


KDEPrint ideas for Google's "Summer Of Code"

The KDEPrint team is willing to mentor two projects in the frame of Google's Summer of Code".

We would like a student to work on streamlining and improving, usability-wise, the KDEPrint user interfaces. Then there is the very inciting idea of a common, cross-platform, generic description of printer driver and application-side plug-ins to the KDEPrint dialog.


At LWCE Toronto 2006

With a 7-days delay, here is what I still remember ;-) of my activity at LWCE Toronto 2006.

I went there pushed by George Staikos (who couldn't go this year) and sponsored by the organizers (Plum Communications of Canada).


Kurt about LPS

LWN published a writeup of first two days of the Linux Printing Summit in Atlanta, most excellently written by our own Kurt Pfeiffle. A great collection of information complementary to his previous blog entry. Thanks Kurt!


Back from the Linux printing Summit

I finally find some time to write on my being at the Printing Linux Summit in Atlanta from 10 to 12 April.

I was kindly invited by Till Kamppeter from and kindly financed by OSDL and its partners (this time, Lanier and HP).

It was the occasion to meet Waldo for the first time in all these (8?!) years. It was for me a pleasure and an honor.


the fine touch (tm)

In the last months I bought two T43 laptops for my work. Nice machines. We use them for road warring/presentations and even for a bit of FEM development. So, I usually just shrink windows and insinuate geeko onto them.

Today, though, I decided to go see what went new in the windows world in the last 9 years. (read more...)


Here, there, everywhere

I will be to the Printing Summit in Atlanta in a few days.

Then I will be at the LinuxWorld Conference in Toronto in a few weeks.

The work required before (and for) these is much more than I thought and planned initially. But it's worth it.


Trivially complex.

I found a sound clip. OGG. I wanted to listen to it. Just listen.
- So I clicked on it.
- KDE offered to open it with Kaffeine. I accepted
- Kaffeine started and promptly gave me an error dialog but no sound.
- Went back and chose another player from the context menu: amarok.
- amarok started, asked me 5 (five) almost identical question dialogs (sequentially!) but no sound.
- Back to the context menu and chose xmms.
- xmms started, gave an error dialog about sound card not being available but no sound.