Lately I've been busy with many different projects, and deadlines are approaching. On the 2nd of February we enter full feature freeze and there are many things I "need" to have done by then. Too make things worse I go on ski-vacation on the 28th, and also have deadlines for my real (non-hobby) projects in February.


KDE, Science and Yule

Since the last blog I've added a few more goodies to KHTML most interestingly text-shadow, but also :target, :enabled and :disabled pseudo-classes. The most interesting development in KHTML though is Germain's work on incremental repaints (speeding up CSS animated webpages). Hopefully he can fix the last couple of regressions and commit it soon.


CSS List Styles

I was working on render_list.cpp the other day and decided to complete our set of CSS2 list-styles. I just wonder if anyone anywhere has ever used the armenian and georgian styles, or even the various japanese "alphabetic" types?


Introducing Carewolf

Damn, now even I have blog.

Like I used to renounce mobile phones (until 2001), but have come to accept them as a usefull form of communications, I might learn to embrace blogging as well.

For this blog entry I will introduce myself, what I do and what I have planned. I think it will help make sense of later much shorter entries.

My name is Allan Sandfeld, I often use the nick Carewolf which is an "avatar" sitting next to my monitor. I am a computer science student at Copenhagen University department of DIKU, and have been engaged in KDE since 2002, when I found it much more fun than the linux-kernel.
In "real life" I am writing various project at the university trying to get ideas for a master thesis, which is the only really missing piece of my study.

My active work for KDE is in two areas: