QtWebKit 2.3.2 and QtWebKit for Qt 5.1

Thursday I tagged QtWebKit 2.3.2. To avoid confusion I will present both QtWebKit for Qt 5.1 and QtWebKit 2.3.2.

The new features in QtWebKit for Qt 5.1 can be seen on http://qt-project.org/wiki/New-Features-in-Qt-5.1 . Let me expand a few interesting ones below:


QtWebKit 2.3.0 is out

Good news everybody!

QtWebKit 2.3.0 was tagged in gitorious yesterday with the tarball available there as well


First Release Candidate of QtWebKit 2.3

I tagged the first release candidate of QtWebKit 2.3 yesterday. You can find on gitorious, where you also find the tar-ball.

Not much have changed since beta2, crashes fixes, build fixes on non-Linux and a bug that caused browsers to open links in a new window when set to open in new tab.


QtWebKit 2.3 beta 2 tagged.

Just a quick update to tell you beta 2 of QtWebKit 2.3 has been tagged. I am planning to tag the release before the end of the month.


QtWebKit 2.3 beta 1 tagged.

Now that Qt 5.0 has been released, it is time to think about the release of QtWebKit 2.3. For those who do not remember, QtWebKit 2.3 is QtWebKit 3.0 (QtWebKit from Qt 5.0) ported to Qt 4.8.

Beta 1 was tagged yesterday, so go nuts and try it out.


Introducing QtWebKit 2.3

Welcome back, it is has been a long long time since I last made a blog post. Since then I have moved from working on KHTML in my free time to being payed to work on QtWebKit full time. I was hired by Nokia last December and was transferred to Digia in September together with most of the Qt team. At Digia most of our work goes into getting ready for Qt5. We do however have a small side project for Qt 4.x I would like to tell you about, QtWebKit 2.3.


Web Diplomacy

So the cold war between KHTML and WebKit heated up a little again, this time the enemy isn't Apple, but former KHTML developers, and KDE personas. I will spare you the links, since it is all too embarrassing.

As someone with a leg in both camps, I will try and explain what is the real issues are and suggest a road map for peace.


Yet another GMail fix

As some might have noticed GMail was updated this morning. As usual this broke the standard view Konqueror, but only if you use the recommended method of spoofing as Firefox.

Fortunately I traced it down and fixed it in no time at all :D

Here is the patch for your convenience (apply in kdelibs/khtml):

--- /home/carewolf/html_elementimpl.cpp 2007-05-18 10:48:33.000000000 +0200
+++ html/html_elementimpl.cpp 2007-05-18 10:50:36.000000000 +0200
@@ -562,6 +562,13 @@


KHTML 3.5.6 the most CSS3 supporting browser

Well, at least according to css3.info . It is nice to when the changes you make, make a splash :D

Though seriously the most unique CSS 3 support we have are the CSS 3 Selectors I have meddled with for two years, the rest is mainly imported from WebKit in some form (such as text-overflow:ellipsis and CSS 3 Background and Borders), sometimes the imports has been easy sometimes painfull.


Strict Is Just Another Quirky Mode

Some might have seen the summary before, because I posted this blog last week, but pulled it again because I wanted to double check that my recommendation is sane in MSIE. Turns out my assumption was right so here it is again:

Let me start with a rant. I see more and more websites using strict DOCTYPES, apparently webdevelopers have some misguided notion that this is most correct thing to do and guaranties the most consistent result. Nothing could be more wrong!