KWord font metrics

So it's no secret many people are not liking the font rendering in KOffice (they often say KWord, but it applies to all of KOffice). As it has been suggested a couple of times you need to turn the global font hinting down to slight to improve the rendering. I know this is unacceptable to some as they feel the system fonts look worse. Now, hinting or not is a religion and personally I like no hinting, but I respect that other people feel differently. So what we need is a way to make font rendering in KOffice only slightly hinted while respecting the users wishes for every other thing.


Using KWord as a .doc viewer

I've been improving the .doc import of KWord over the last couple of months (besides working on tables)


KOffice tables and .doc import

So Elvis Stansvik and I have been working on table support for KWord. And simultaneously I've been working on improving the MS .doc import filter for KWord. I've improved the generally font and paragraph import enormously, but in this blog I'll focus on the table import.

First I'll show you the original MSWord table:

And then how it looks in OOWriter 3.0:


Kustodian - a taskbar and quicklauncher combined

I'd like to introduce a little pet project of mine: Kustodian, which some people would call a ripoff of the mac dock or windows 7 taskbar. But I maintain it's a thing of it's own, but it indeed has some similarities.


Image scaling in Krita

This weekend have so far resulted in 5 commits on Krita. In particular on the scaling stuff. Krita has for way too long had some outstanding quality issues with scaling. The edge pixels were transparent and the images themselves were too blurry.

Just see this page from over 2 years ago: http://gis-blog.leonde.de/index.php/2006/11/10/scaling-algorithms-in-krita/


Reworked scale dialog in Krita

[image:3453 size=original nolink=1 node=3453]

I've worked a bit on the scale dialog for Krita. Neither the old one from the 1.x series nor the new one in current KOffice2 alpha releases were good enough. I've mailed a bit with Ellen which only confirmed that it is indeed a difficult dialog to get right.

In the end I reordered some items, so I hope it's a bit easier to figure out how to use it. I think it has become quite good, but judge for yourself. So much cool stuff coming in KOffice 2.0


New Oxygen category in bugs.kde.org

I've just created a new product called "Oxygen" in bugs.kde.org.

It has 4 components: style, window decoration, icons and sound. So please use these in the future if you know the bug belongs there. I'll be adding known bugs from our wiki in the coming days

I'll use this opportunity to also ramble a bit about bug reports. Because though in general we love reports and wishes there is one kind that isn't very useful, and that is the category I'd call "I don't like the look of.."


Work on Kreative3D

I've started to work more and more on Kreative3D. Although it's not useful for anything right now, I expect that I can have 2d sketching done within a month or two. For those of you who don't know anything about parametric solid modelling a sketchplane is a plane in 3d space where you can draw on. And sketching is the process of drawing on that surface.

You draw with lines and arcs and you then assign constraints to those. A constraint could be that two lines should always stay parallel or stay tangent to an arc or something.


Going to Milan for a breath of Oxygen

On Friday I'll fly to Milan for the upcoming Oxygen coding sprint. The objective is to get the Oxygen style into shape so it can be imported into kdebase. There is a lot of work for us to do, but Nuno and David are there for the artistic side and Riccardo (ruphy) and I will be coding on the spot. In addition Thomas will try to be online as much as possible from his home.


A selection of krita stuff

For Google Summer of Code Sven Langkamp was assigned the project of adding different kind of selection visualisations for Krita 2.0. Being his mentor is very easy as already now before gSoc has even started officially he has completed 2 out of 3 items in the project description. Krita 2.0 is now capable of showing selections as:

* Marching ants
* Overlay (as known from Krita 1.6)