10-100 times faster thumbnail loading

Fast - tell me how do you implement a thumbnail loader - well the loading
and storing of the thumbnails that is?

Classically you would likely say something that included individual JPG
files for each thumbnails, and perhaps also something that included

Well that is at least how many application does it, and Linux even have a
standard for it, so applications can share the thumbnails.

I've implemented a much faster way to do it. This is something like 10-100
times faster, and I have code to prove it :-)


KPhotoAlbum - now open for new contributions

The last three years have been no fun in the history of KPhotoAlbum. We have
been struggling with porting KPhotoAlbum to Qt4/KDE4.

During that period we for sure have lost many users that got bored from the
lack of releases, and also many contributors that got fat up by
listening to me saying no, no, no and no again to new features.


KPhotoAlbum Development Sprint

Tomorrow it starts! The (at least for four of us) long awaited KPhotoAlbum development sprint!

Tuomas Suutari, Jan Kundrát, Henner Zeller, and I will all by together at my place in Hjørring, Denmark the coming week to bring the development of KPhotoAlbum forward.

Stay tuned!


KPhotoAlbum enters message freeze + price drawing contest

Today KPhotoAlbum entered message freeze, and is now ready to be
translated. The release will happen Dec 31th 2006.

To bring a bit of attention to the great work the translators do, I've
started a small prize drawing contest which those who have made a complete
translation of KPA participating. The prize is $100.

See http://www.kphotoalbum.org/news.htm#item0043 for details.


KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest over!

The KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest ended today, and a winner has been found, namely Jaroslav Holan's submission. Congratulation and thanks for all the nice splash screen submitted.


KPhotoAlbum Splash Screen Contest is almost over

Just one more day (till tonight midnight), and the KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest is over. I am truely impressed with the amount and quality of submissions. Have a look at http://www.kphotoalbum.org/splashscreen.htm

I promissed the KPhotoAlbum community that I for once (ahem) would not be a cruel dictator, but instead allow them to vote on which one we would use. And am I glad I did that, there is at least 5-6 which I simply can't choose among, because they are so good :-)

Any suggestions on how to run such a vote is more than welcome.


win $100 in KPhotoAlbum splashscreen contest

The splash screen contest started yesterday just got more exciting. You now have the chance of winning $100. see contest info


Artists Attention please, join the KPhotoAlbum splash screen contest!

Today Christoph Moseler managed to push me over the edge. Several times people have complained that the KPhotoAlbum splash screen was a combination of ugly, ugly and non relating to KPhotoAlbum. So far I've managed to tell people to go and take a hike, but today I gave up :-)

Therefore, I started a contest to make a new splash screen for KPhotoAlbum. I hope lots of talented artist will participate.


KPhotoAlbum support for Videos

KPhotoAlbum development is going really well in the evenings these days. Currently I'm working on the video support in KPhotoAlbum. Actually, tonight I finished the HTML generation, check out a web page with videos and images generated from KPhotoAlbum

In just 15 days I'm going home to my lovely girlfriend permanently (greetings encoded to my coworkers who've I've spent a year with now, and my girlfriend who I haven't), man am I looking forward to that!