File Transfers in KDE 4

Did you know every app built with KDE 4 can save files as easily to a FTP server or a remote computer using SSH as easily as it accesses your local hard disk? You should! This is a feature that I take for granted since it was introduced in the days of KDE 2.0, but it's easy to forget that the majority of KDE users only started using it since then.


api.kde.org down! so what?

KDE Developers may have noticed that the developer documentation server at api.kde.org is down. This is due to a hardware failure which will be recovered next week. That need not put the brakes on your work though, since if you have the source code on your system you can build the API docu locally yourself, as HTML, as man pages, or as Qt Assistant help files to view in Qt Assistant or Qt Creator.

Read all about it on techbase: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tools/apidox


Develop Javascript Plasmoids on openSUSE

Aaron, Sandro, moofang, Shantanu and Diego have been hacking up a Plasma storm lately on the Javascript bindings for Plasma and the Plasmate builder tool.


Panel Drawers in KDE

1) Create a folder somewhere eg ~/Desktop/My Favourite Apps
2) Drag and drop the folder onto a panel
3) Choose "Folder View" from the popup that appears
4) Drag apps from the menu, documents from Dolphin and other stuff onto the new panel icon
5) Click it and enjoy your new menu!


openSUSE at Camp KDE!

At the last minute I'm getting away from the snow and ice to visit Camp KDE in San Diego this weekend. I'll be there waving the openSUSE flag, giving a talk about using the Build Service to package and distribute your KDE applications for many Linux distributions, generally enthusing people about openSUSE and thinking about ways for KDE to be better as distributed. So if you see a guy with an SUSE t-shirt on staggering under a huge pile of DVDs, say hi! I hear San Diego has a very good zoo, perhaps they'll lend me a chameleon for even better recognisability...


openSUSE 11.2 KDE KNetworkManager online update: please test!

If you've been paying attention at the back there, you'll know that openSUSE started using a new community-driven online update administration process for 11.2. As well as Novell employees, community people are taking care of the workflow of examining and approving online updates to buggy packages. Now I have a favour to ask of you - the online updates that are ready to go out need testing to make sure they don't inflict gross mischief on users' systems.


Qt 4.6 preview packages available for openSUSE

Since today is the big day when KDE trunk starts to depend on Qt 4.6, Raymond Wooninck (tittiatcoke), community packaging hero, has worked to provide packages of the unreleased Qt 4.6 in the openSUSE Build Service.


openSUSE Conference, Day 1

I'm just back in from the first day the openSUSE conference. The day started badly when I woke up in a cold sweat dreaming that OpenOffice ate my presentation (again), but it was still there when I resumed my laptop and so I biked the 5km into the Berufsförderungswerk Nuernberg, the technical college where the conference is a guest. A good number of people were in for Lenz Grimmer's keynote on virtual development teamwork, which was a relief, then I sat in for a bit of the openSUSE Weekly News talk by Sascha Manns.